Digital Levels - Stabila - Flawed?

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by jimwillsher, Jul 8, 2021.

  1. jimwillsher

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    Hi all

    First off, I'm a home DIYer who is obsessed with having things straight and level. Now that's out of the way...

    I'm looking to invest in a digital level. Yes they're expensive, but let's forget that for the moment.

    Everyone seems to rate the Stabila levels. However I've watched the calibration videos, and you calibrate the digital part by getting the vial spot-on centre and pressing the buttons. To me, that's flawed; the whole point of a digital level is to help overcome any issues you may have with confirming 100% that you've got the bubble centred. Doing it this way, the digital will match the bubble, but if you got the bubble slightly off-centre you'll be off on both scales.

    Or am I misunderstanding?

    For comparison, the Sola levels are calibrated by placing on a surface, taking a reading (button) then rotating 180 degrees and taking a second reading. So if your reference surface is sloping by 2 degrees then the readings will be -2 and +2 and the unit will be able to work out what the baseline is.

    Or have I completely misunderstood?

    Many thanks

  2. FlyByNight

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    Why is it flawed? It assumes the level has been manufactured to high precsion and that the bubble is dead centre when level, so you may find that you need to pack one end to lift it up and make the bubble level if the surface is sloping. The second method on the Sola allows you to calibrate the level on a non-horizontal surface.
  3. jimwillsher

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    No it's not that. What if the bubble *looks* centred to me, but is ever so slightly off centre? And perhaps not enough for ME to see but somebody with better eyesight might spot (I remember a joiner telling me my spirit level was faulty, and I had never noticed but eventually did when he showed me). By pressing the calibrate button on the Stabila, if the bubble is ever so slightly off-centre, I'm basically saying "this is zero level" when it's not.

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