Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by goldtop, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. goldtop

    goldtop New Member

    Recently purchased a Freeview box . Getting most channels perfectly well ,some channels have blocking type interference . Would a mast top amp help the signal? We already have an amp indoors to boost the signal and split it two ways. The area we live in does not get agreat picture on normal and we do not want sky.
  2. Sam Dingle

    Sam Dingle New Member

    are your aerial, indoor amp and splitter wide band models?
    if not then you could be unintentionaly attenuating your signal levels due to the narrower bandwidth.
    If your not sure, try taking the amp and splitter out of the systems and see how the signal is.
  3. chocolateblock

    chocolateblock New Member

    Goldtop, get your freeview box chipped mate. approx £150 and you get all digital channels free
  4. Dave FAD

    Dave FAD New Member

    When you say you don't want Sky I presume you don't want to subscribe. If that is the case then check out:
    You get a dish, digibox, installation and a free to view card for £150. You don't even have to have it plugged into your telephone line.
  5. Rabbit Rabbit

    Rabbit Rabbit New Member

    Agree with last entry - we cant get Freeview here so went for freebee Sky - works well it does, cost £130 for SBT, plus one off £20 for sky card and £7M for dish!! Very good for anyone who cant get Freeview.

  6. goldtop

    goldtop New Member

    Thanks for advice, i plugged ariel direct into box but am still getting blocking on screen . Freeview website says this could be due to poor signal or another source of interference.To ask my original question again would a screwfix mast-top amp help?
  7. Dr Who

    Dr Who New Member

    Your question cannot be answered until you have answered Sam Dingles question - what is the answer?
  8. pyrotenax

    pyrotenax New Member

    try a wideband ariel and reception probs should be cleared up
  9. KARL 73

    KARL 73 New Member

    depends how old the aerial and cable is .the best thing to do is get a new aerial and cable installed have done this for variuos customers and the pic is very good after installation i live in a bad reception area as well and get good reception
  10. goldtop

    goldtop New Member

    My current aeriel is the high gain UHF cat no 14374 and is about 1 yr old as well as the cable . The amp is fairly old and dont know about band width ,it is the amp that is splitting the signal. The picture quality seems to vary with the time of day , sometimes better at night and also seems to be the ITV channels that are affected most.

  11. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    You'd probably be better off with one of the cheaper, more standard looking aerials, and as a matter of interest, who set up your aerial. If it wasn't done professionally, who knows, nowadays with this digital TV, you've only got to be out a couple of degrees and you can lose the picture completely with any variation. Not like the old analogue where it might go a little fuzzy and sometimes you might not even notice it. Just a couple of points to consider. I personally dont think these 'strip' constructed aerials are any good. Give me the tubes any day.

    Handyandy - really
  12. Dr Who

    Dr Who New Member

    High gain usually means the aerial is more directional, so their is the possibility that it is slightly out of alignment. Remove/replace the amplifier if it is not a wideband version. You are using a high gain aerial + amp which might be overloading the input to your freeview box so maybe another reason for ditching the amp. In addition, do you know what transmitter your aerial is pointing to and what is the orientation of the aerial elements - horizontal/vertical?

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