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  1. SMMP

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    Wonder if anyone is able to offer any advice on how to resolve my issue.

    I have a new LED floodlight with PIR on my shed and the LED has a dim light emitting from it at all times even when not lit / activated by PIR. Seems to work OK, lights up bright when activated by PIR. The light is connected to a switch fuse spur within the shed and I have checked all the connections.

    Just as a bit of background, this if the 3rd LED PIR light that I’ve had in this location. 1st one worked fine for about 3 years then just stopped working one day. I replaced it with another which stopped working after a couple of months (this one also had a very dim light showing at all times before it started flickering then stopped working completely).

    My main worry if that whatever is causing this issue might be causing the lights to eventually fail.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Bob Rathbone

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    Could be a reverse polarity on the supply, a faulty earth or just capacitive coupling between switch feed and switch wire. Perhaps they are failing because they are cheap.
  3. SMMP

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    Thanks for the response Bob. I’ve got correct polarity on the sockets in the shed (I have one of those plug testers that shows if it’s reversed, bad earth etc) and using a multimeter I’ve determined that the polarity is correct at the switched fuse spur that supplies the floodlight. How would I go about testing for capacitive coupling or faulty earth?

    The first light which displayed no dim light and lasted the longest was the cheapest one of the bunch!!
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