Dimmer Switch and Halogen Lights

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Ian1919, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Ian1919

    Ian1919 New Member

    I have just replaced a standard switch with a 400 watt maximum load dimmer switch.
    The light that the switch serves has four halogen lamps on it that are 50 Watts each.
    The switch has an overload mechanism that causes the bulbs to flash if it is overloaded. As you may have gathered if you have read to this point, when the bulbs are turned to their maximum "brightness" after a few minutes they begin to flash.

    Is there anything that may be causing this that I can rectify?

    Many thanks
  2. Dicky Minton

    Dicky Minton New Member

    Are you sure that the transformers you are using are suitable for dimming?
  3. Wheel-nut

    Wheel-nut Member

    If your Halogen lamps are 240V 50W type then the maximum STEADY STATE load should be 200W and within the rating of the dimmer. However, all incandescent lamps have a high transient startup current which could be detected by the PTC thermistor in the dimmer. If this was the problem then the overload would occur almost immediately after switch-on.

    If your Halogens are Low voltage type then check that the Transformers are specified as being suitable for dimming. If they are "Electronic" transformers, forget it!

    Now, are you aware that dimming Halogens will seriously reduce the life of your lamps. But that is a different question .... and you didn't ask.
  4. The Trician

    The Trician New Member

    Yes, I fitted a new 4-way 400W MEM dimmer array today, and wasn't aware that there were so many different types of dimmer/transformer/lamps until I read the instructions.

    It's quite a subject in its own right, not to mention a minefield.

    No surprises as to why we get so many queries on this subject.

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