Disconnecting a gas cooker

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by fozzie, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. fozzie

    fozzie New Member

    I'm moving house soon, and I'd like to disconnect my gas cooker, but unsure if I need a 'corgi' man to do it. It has the 'bayonet elbow' fitting {14904 on page 217} on the wall. If I was to take the black hose out, would it shut the gas off?? Or would I need someone to blank it off?? I'd be very much grateful of any advice. Thanks.
  2. Jack

    Jack New Member

    Undoing the bayonet is just like removing a light bulb. Push in before twisting off.

    The connector should seal itself. You will get a slight smell of gas from the cooker hose.

    But just in case...
    Put some soapy water in the palm of your hand, and place your palm gently against the wall outlet. Any bubbles you have a leak. Reconnect the bayonet hose, and call a gas fitter.
  3. fozzie

    fozzie New Member

    Many Thanks Jack, - just a little reassurance is all that I needed. :) Fozzie.
  4. Dr Who

    Dr Who New Member

    Soapy water!!!

    I was in Plumbcentre a couple of weeks ago and saw a gas leak detecter spray in a red can. Thinking that modern technology had kicked in, I asked how the product worked thinking that it would say change colour if gas was detected around a joint.......'no' the assistant replied 'it just bubbles'....'what like soapy water' I replied......'yes' the assistant replied. 'They've bottled soapy water and want to charge the earth for it' I asked....'yep' came the reply.

    It turns out that soapy (detergent) based soapy water is not allowed nowdays because it causes corrosion, which if left unchecked could cause a gas leak. Here's me thinking that they were just out to make money on soapy water :)

    Dr Who
  5. harry

    harry Member

    soapy water causes corrosion on copper pipe? thats a new
  6. Excalibur

    Excalibur New Member

  7. plumbob

    plumbob Member

    Soapy water corrodes other metals such as alluminium
  8. mik100

    mik100 New Member

    if any of these (plumbers)are cogi and trained they would know not to use soapy water - what if you did have a leak?
  9. Dr Who

    Dr Who New Member

    Just for the record ... I am not a gas engineer, or CORGI registered, or 'trained' in gas work!

    Any comments I may give on this subject are only based upon reading reference material, experience and common sense. You should always seek the services of a CORGI registered engineer for gas work!

    Dr Who
  10. The Dormouse

    The Dormouse New Member

    As I & my relatives have several times nearly been asphyxiated or blown up after the attentions of Corgi registered 'engineers', I would rather drag in the first drunk from the street to do the job. At least I would know that I have to check all the work carefully myself immediately afterwards.

    P.S. Don't trust the spell check. It didn't find that I had mis-spelled asphyxiated without the 'x'.

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