Disguising Scratched in Plasterboard?

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by glob@l, Nov 21, 2020.

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    A wall has been skim plastered twice, the second time the plaster board was scratched (with craft knife) to provide a key for the second coat. Both detached, so it has been firmed up with plasterboard screws and it will now be taped and filled instead. What would be the best way to cover the scratched plaster board?
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  3. glob@l

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    Okay, applied as a skim or filler?
  4. Wayners

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    I've got questions

    Why did plaster not stick?
    Slashing plasterboard sounds daft to me as the paper cover is to give the board strength.

    Sounds like it needs preparation (sealer) ready for skim coat. Maybe fibre fuse mesh covering entire surface or standard mesh over the entire wall.

    Ready mix wall smoother rolled on maybe.

    Need more information to be able to advise and skills or enthusiasm to have ago..
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  5. glob@l

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    The plasterboard was originally fixed using nails with the cream side showing. It was going to be taped and filled but was skimmed instead so not sure if the wrong surface may have been a factor. It's been firmed up with screws so likely fixed the possibility of movement being the cause going forward.
    Ready mixed wall smoother sounds interesting though as does the Easifill as suggested above.
    Wet trades are not the best but willing to have a go at most things.
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    Take it off and fit new plasterboard? Cheap enough. Doubt you'll get a good finish any other way.
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    ....and work out less expensive in the end!

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