[Dishwasher DYI] Can i create an input Water tank or my small Dishwasher ?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by moda20, Aug 5, 2023.

  1. moda20

    moda20 New Member

    Hi, new member here. i am also new to anything related to kitchen as i rented my own house very recently.
    I intend on buying one of those small dishwasher with a single drawer to use.

    My issues is that my landlord doesn't have an installation ready for such a dishwasher and on top of that my municipality is having a water shortage problem so water ends up cutting for most of the evening and night.

    For this i intend to get the dishwasher and DIY an input water storage made out of acrylic and direct the waste water out to a nearby sink, or so were my imagination got me.

    i know that the dishwasher pulls water from a regular tap so the needed water pressure shouldn't be that high. So is it possible to create such reservoir ? or do i have to check other options
  2. dray

    dray Screwfix Select

    Are you in the UK?
  3. moda20

    moda20 New Member

    @dray no, i am not. totally different place. does the UK have water shortage issues ?
  4. quasar9

    quasar9 Screwfix Select

    Periodically we do have water shortages but never to the extent of having domestic supplies cut. Shortages are managed by banning hose pipe use (gardening and car washing) followed by non essential industrial users (like car washes). In theory a tank a few meters above the dishwasher could work as it’s used to fill the sump within the dishwasher.
  5. HarryL1234

    HarryL1234 Active Member

    The simple answer is yes. However, how you go about building a reservoir depends on the specifics. The water pressure provided by your water tank will be determined by the 'head' - the vertical distance from the water level in the tank down to the point where it leaves the pipework. If the dishwasher does not require much pressure, then a head of two meters (maybe even one meter) will be sufficient. You should aim to locate your water tank as high as is practical.
  6. moda20

    moda20 New Member

    @HarryL1234 1 meter is a lot, i was thinking about putting it next to the dishwasher, on my kitchen counter.
    I will check those countertop dishwashers too, they seem to solve the issue i have with water

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