Dishwasher not draining!

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by leechy, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. leechy

    leechy New Member

    Just fitted an intergrted Bosch dishwasher for a friend, its fitted directly next to the sink cupboard. The drainage hose is fed down to floor level, uder the cupboard where it enters under the sink. It comes up and is connected to the P trap on the sink via an appliance nosel.

    The problem is that after a cycle it does not drain properly and there is water in the bottom of the machine up to the bottom of the door. Annoying when you open it and water leaks onto the floor.

    I should mention thats its a second hand machine with no instructions. Is it not draining because of the routing of the waste pipe? Any ideas?
  2. Virtual Voodoo

    Virtual Voodoo New Member

    The person you bought it off was getting rid of it because it had a faulty drain pump! :^O
  3. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    some d/washers don't have a pump and rely on gravity, if so you will need to plumb the drain at ground level.
  4. PDPS

    PDPS New Member

    some d/washers don't have a pump and rely on gravity,
    if so you will need to plumb the drain at ground

    If you can find a model number this page should help.
  5. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Active Member


    I've got a Bosch D/W, so hopefully will be useful:

    Is the filter clean, mine is below the bottom sprayer bar, just lift out and clean.

    I also had a flood, and this was due to gunged pipes. After removing the side panels, a kettle of boiling hot water, (take care), a babies bottle brush and some Mr Muscle cleaner or similar cleaned the pipes and got the machine back to working order.
    I ran the machine without the panels, whilst I studied the flow of water thr' the pipes, many were transparent, if was a work of art seeing the flow, siphons working etc, and could deduce the blocked pipe.

    Best of luck

  6. Garfield

    Garfield Member

    Before you start taking the machine to pieces,check the little spigot on the trap under the sink that the outlet hose connects onto,it may have a blank on the end that the hose connects to,or at the point where the little spigot joins the main part of the trap.
  7. Planet Niton

    Planet Niton Member

    You could get the manual for installation & advice on height of drain etc on Bosch website (or call them about it)
    Good luck!
  8. leechy

    leechy New Member

    Turned out to be a blockage in the drainage hose!!

    Thanks again for all the advise!

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