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  1. Adam hearn

    Adam hearn New Member

    So in my kitchen I have a spur to a single socket
    But Need to run washing machine and dishwasher
    Can i just change the single to a twin
    Thanks for advance
  2. adgjl

    adgjl Active Member

    Not if you plan to use them at the same time. A double socket is rated at 13A for the accessory, not per outlet. You would need two singles, but they should not be on the same spur.
  3. Adam hearn

    Adam hearn New Member

    I’ve got an old unused spar that was used for a extraction fan
    I can put a single socket for it
  4. Jimbo

    Jimbo Screwfix Select

    See earlier thread here, "The BS for a double socket requires it be capable of supplying a load of 14amps from one outlet and 6amps from the other" - i.e. 20A.

    Many (most?) washing machines and dishwashers are 2,300W (10A) max anyway, but check.
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  5. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    Technically the cable needs to be rated at 20 amp not 26 amp, and often the socket also rated 20 amp not 26 amp, but in real terms unlikely to be a problem, I have two kettles on an extension lead which has a 13 amp fuse in it, so likely drawing around 26 amp on TV adverts as I make two cups of coffee, and it has never blown the fuse.

    There could be a problem with a tumble dryer where it runs for an extended time with high amps, but a washing machine and dish washer only use there heater for a short time, so unlikely to be a problem.

    The regulations state in the appendixes that any non portable item over 2 kW should have a dedicated supply, since the dish washer has no wheels, and is heavier then the 14 kg considered as limit for hand portable we should have dedicated supplies for them, but never seen that done in practice. Immersion heater yes, it can take hours to heat up the water, but tumble driers, dish washers, and washing machines we tend to turn a blind eye to, although technically we should have dedicated supplies.

    I suppose it's historical, we use to pull out our washing machine into centre of kitchen on washing day, and select which items got washed, mangled, and spun dry first on washing day, and everything was portable. Today washing is not even done in the kitchen, we have a utility/laundry room with the washer, dryer, and presses and they are independent to kitchen. Which means we can prepare food while the washing is being done. In the old days the kitchen would be completely cleaned down before it was used again for food preparation.

    But heaters in a dish washer run for a very short time, so I would not worry.
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  6. adgjl

    adgjl Active Member

    Not so. BS1363 gives a rating of 13A, but requires a type test at 20A for a specified time.

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