Distance between bath tap holes?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by BaldyAl, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. BaldyAl

    BaldyAl New Member

    Is there a standard distance between the hot and cold of a bath?

    Simple question for somebody I'm sure...

    The bath in question is a dove corner bath (although I don't think that doesn't matter?).
    Also I read in a plumbers merchants last week that some new baths wont come with pre drilled holes for taps - is this correct??

    If so how would I make the holes in a new bath> Just with a drill and router?
  2. Boxer Red

    Boxer Red New Member

    I fitted one just before Xmas, no holes, manufacturer wouldn't drill it. I had a mixer tap to install, so after measuring and marking 3 times to ensure i got it right, i just used a hole saw with a pilot on a batt drill. cut through like knife through butter.
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  3. munkimagic

    munkimagic New Member

    6" am sure. makes a nice smell when you cut 'em too.
  4. mj

    mj Guest

    Some corner don't accept 2 hole bath mixers easily, only monoblock bath fillers.
    Just measure the centres of your tap. Mark on bath to check that it sits on correclty & that you can connect pipes without fouling the wall & bath panel. Measure, check measure & check before you drill !
    If it's an acrylic bath a standard 30mm holesaw should do the job comfortably.
  5. mj

    mj Guest

    Some corner baths! my mistake
  6. rocketron

    rocketron New Member

    I have a bath mixer tap here, and the centers are 7". Its no good saying you think its 6" when it aint, you give people the wrong infomation and they could make a costley mistake.
  7. Scottyboy

    Scottyboy Guest

    Buy the bath and taps and just measure. Or put the tap where you want it and draw round the stems.

    The actual number isn't important - it just needs to be the same as the taps!
  8. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    Tap distances between Hot and Cold should be 180mm with two 37mm diameter holes.
  9. Dreadnaught Heating

    Dreadnaught Heating New Member

    I'm with RocketRon here, 7 inches c/c. But, check that against your bath mixer taps BEFORE drilling!
  10. Angela

    Angela New Member

    the trouble here is what I tell my wife 7 inches. This is sometimes smaller then the distance of tap holes.
  11. rocketron

    rocketron New Member

    bstyle, this thread was started in inches, dont confuse us old boys.
  12. doitall

    doitall New Member

    Sorry about convusing the old boys but 7" was the imperial taps, new metric taps are 180mm not a lot of difference but enough

    Best to check with the taps first, and as has already been said make dam sure they fit before you drill the hole.

    A worthwhile tip is to stick masking tape on the bath before you drill
  13. BaldyAl

    BaldyAl New Member

    Many thanks for all the info guys! I'll buy the taps then measure :eek:)
  14. Angela

    Angela New Member

    don't tell your wife though! 4 inches is 4 inches
  15. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    For anyone who is ever in need of finding out dimensions etc, here's a link to a site that covers Ideal Standard and Armitage products:-


    Just click on product catologue on the top left of the page
  16. munkimagic

    munkimagic New Member

    my bad 6" was a typo. just gettin used to lap top, its got no number pad - sorry
  17. pmh

    pmh New Member

    Why not adopt the continetal model. My bath in france has a wall mounted mixer tap. Makes life easier as all plumbing can be installed before fitting bath and no impossible to get at jobs.

    Actually I find many advantages with French ways of doing things. Mains pressure water (with electric hot storage)means no shower pumps, fantastic pressure and flow rates. No cold water storage tank. The hot tanks are VERY well insulated and typically have only 1.7kw elements and are not expensive at about 240€. The only downside is needing a pressure relief drip waste which can limit the siting. If I have to replace hw in my flat I would consider this as a solution. Is it uk compliant?????
  18. This Imperial /Metric thing is worrying me.
    I need to replace a bath mixer tap/shower jobbie.
    Are the new standard units going to fit an old bath?
    Please advise.
  19. Angela

    Angela New Member

    you can buy traditional and contemorary bath taps to fit any situation. just shop around. Generally bath taps and baths are made to measure 180mm - c/c
  20. Neil Richardson

    Neil Richardson New Member

    I need to replace the shower mixer taps on a Twyford suite that has 7" centres - any ideas on how to get a replacement tap. Or how to avoid the holes if I change centres? I need something like tap legs with a flanged base.

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