Distance between plasterboard screws?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by damo31, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. damo31

    damo31 New Member

    Hi guys.
    As an enthusiastic, yet unknowledgible DIYer, can I pick your brains for a bit of advice? I have just take down an old lathe and plaster ceiling at home and am about to put up plasterboard. My question is how often should I screw in my plasterboard screws down in each joist? And how far in off the edge of each board do I have to be before fixing a screw- I was thinking 20mm or so?
    Thanks for the help!
  2. decorator A1

    decorator A1 New Member

    600mm and 15mm
  3. jonah.

    jonah. New Member

    600mm and 15mm

    600mm is a bit sparse

    I would say 150mm for nails and 300mm for screws.

    15mm from board edge is about right but 10mm as a minimum of board left to edge

    Cheers - jonah
  4. damo31

    damo31 New Member

    Cheers for that- it's greatly appreciated!
  5. nearnwales

    nearnwales New Member

    600mm my ***, Hi damo, you want about 6 screws in each joist , if you using 12.5 plaster board you want about 40 mm drywall screws. leave about 1 inch away from the edge.

  6. Sheeesh! sometimes I despair.
    at 600mm cntrs you would have only four screws per board... at six screws per board.. not much better at 400mm. At an inch from the edge of the board how on earth will you get the screw to bite being as a timber is 2".....come on think about it.

    Right lets get it right shall we:

    Use zinc electroplated, trumpet countersunk, cross punched head drywall screws min 36mm for 12.5mm board. 32mm for 9.5mm board at 230mm cntrs or five per linear mtr. Not hard is it?
  7. nearnwales

    nearnwales New Member

    oi dippy, hes asking about the length, not the edge. its obviously you got to screw into the joist or half the joist.

    And I said 6 screws per joist not per board!

    ...........come on think about it.
  8. chappers

    chappers Member

    JCT contract states for 12.5mm board 36mm screws or 40mm galvenized or jagged plasterboard nails

    screws should be 230mm centres and nails should be 150 centres and should be no less than 10mm from a bound edge or 13mm from a cut edge and no less than 6mm from a timber edge
  9. Dereekoo

    Dereekoo Member

  10. damo31

    damo31 New Member

    Blimey lads- calm down! Didn't realise I would open up such a lively debate!
    Thanks for all the advice, I'll take note. It sounds like more is definately preferable to less.
  11. Controlled Magic

    Controlled Magic New Member

    Hello, Pedant here!

    No offence, but it has nothing to do with the JCT (Joint Contracts Tribunal) - even if you have got reasonable figures for screw / nail centres, they haven't come from the JCT.

    Now, they might be NBS derived figures (National Building Specification)...but then again, all they do is get the info from those manufacturers that are prepared to pay them to include it, and that does indeed include the good guys of British Gypsum, whoc kindly publish the White Book at an unbelievable retail price of £95. So, as yer man Derekoo suggests, refer to the White Book online and all will be revealed.

    By the way, in Australia where they REALLY know how to use plasterboard (it comes in sheets either 1200 or 1350 wide and up to 6m long. Yes, 6m long and still only put up by two blokes) they use as few screws or nails as possible. They'll nail the edges (as the boards are all feather edge and have the joints set and sanded) but want as few nails as possible 'through the guts of the sheet'. This means less nail heads to patch / less to sand / better finish. So! To hold it in place they have tins of bloody strong adhesive......

    Having learned all that over there, I use a 'walnut' sized glob of gripfill dotted along the joists / studs 'in the guts of the sheet' and only one or two nails / screws. Works for them, works for me - but not mentioned in the White Book!
  12. nearnwales

    nearnwales New Member

    F&^k me gripfill to hold your ceiling up, because you cant be assed to sand nail heads down ! Skim it better finish again !

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