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    Hi, I have recently moved into a new house and am having a few issues with whether I have distemper or not? Removed painted textured wallpaper and paint underneat was covered with bubbles, had plasterer come over and said it would be fine to skim, problem is when he did first return is came away from walls immediately and pull the layers of paint away too.

    He has advised me [saving money] to strip off all paint back to original plaster, problem is its leaving the yellow chalky residue on the pinkish render. Is this the offending distemper. Plasterer has said he may try using WBA but do I need to wash walls first?

    Also what should I do as have got same problem in hall stairs and landing which I can't afford to skim but do want to repaint, does this need to be sealed prior to painting?

    Sorry for the long winded email and appreciate this is not plastering forum but you guys may be able to help!

    Many Thanks
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    When you say the paint underneath the wallcovering, was this in itself chalky.


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