Disused chimney - unblocking?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by socks_uk, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. socks_uk

    socks_uk New Member

    Hi...  We live in a bungalow with a chimney in the front room but we also have a chimney in the centre of the house too.  Unfortunately, someone in the past decided to block up the upper hole and we are left with a chimney recess that is all nicely plastered and painted and we have placed my daughter's small fridge/freezer in the recess.

    I can't see any visible signs of the upper 'smoke hole' as the plastering is very neat and tidy but the chimney still exists up into the loft and out of the roof.  So...  how could I see if the chimney could be restored so we could install a wood burning stove?  Am I thinking a builder could check this out (without too much initial damage) or should I first contact the fireplace company and ask their advice?  I would so love to see a log burner in this chimney!
    Thanks in advance!  xx
  2. A decent builder should be able to sort it out, he will need to remove the plasterboard ceiling to have a look and should see the existing stack.
    This will, or should be supported on steels or gallow brackets, the builder will need to check the foundation is still there then build a fire place to prefered design, form the flue to meet up to existing stack, then remove existing steels/brackets.

    Preferably get a Hetas registered installer to fit the stove plus a twin wall flexi liner, he will then test everything and issue a certificate.

    You can diy fit the stove but must inform bco, pay their fees, they will then need to check it all complys before issueing the certificate.
  3. socks_uk

    socks_uk New Member

    [​IMG]Thanks Cotswolds Builders.  I'm not sure there is any plasterboard...  seems pretty solid when I knock all around the area. The 'fireplace' recess is 66cm (26") wide and130cm (51") tall.  I'm trying to attach some photos...  hope it works!
  4. You will need to clear all the stuff in the top shelf ( ceiling level ) then remove whatever covering there is.

    You seem to have the recess there so if the remaining stack is properly supported, you could install a rigid insulated pipe from top of stove to existing stack.
  5. socks_uk

    socks_uk New Member

    Thank you, such a big help!  I'm pleased it looks possible!

    The 'stuff'' is my daughter's food cupboard...  she's 25 next month and hopefully her and her boyfriend are buying a house later this year so the 'stuff' and fridge/freezer will be going with her! Our 2 bedroom bungalow will then become a bit less cluttered! 
  6. MrGrimNasty

    MrGrimNasty New Member

    There will have been a big old fashioned boiler there originally I expect, probably find a cast concrete 'lump' in the top with a covered up flue pipe/hole to the chimney.
  7. socks_uk

    socks_uk New Member

    The bungalow was built in 1960's so would that still be the case?  I can see the cost of this mounting up so I'm not sure our bank account will fund this dream project.
  8. getroofingquotes

    getroofingquotes New Member

    I don't think the year it was built would be a problem. A good builder can definitely sort a solution for that. The problem would be the cost here. Good luck! I hope you built it in no time.

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