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Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by MaciejO, May 24, 2023.

  1. MaciejO

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    Hi everyone. It will be my first attempt at any kind of landscaping so excuse me if any of the questions are stupid. So here is the background & plan:

    I am planning on extending a path leading to the lawn part of the garden to make a small patio (extending the path by 3.15m x 1.8m). The path is 7 slabs (450mmx450mm) long. The part where I want to extend into is currently filled with some decorative stones and extends to the fence. I believe I need 28 slabs to fill this area.

    I want to lay 75mm of MOT type 1 sub-base as according to my calculations this should use up only one bulk bag. The sub-base would go onto a weed membrane. The first question is, is this enough for a light-use, and can I use a 10" hand tamper to compact the base? I already own one and this would save me money on renting a wacker plate.

    I am then thinking of laying slabs straight onto that on approx 30mm mortar bed 5:1 ratio of sharp sand to cement. The second question is, are there any cheap alternatives to wheelbarrows? Would plasterers flexitub do? What else I could use to mix the mortar? I am not planning on any more projects that would require a wheelbarrow in the nearest future and storing it would be a hassle.

    Third question, do I need edging to support the slabs or will they be fine on the mortar bed? I was thinking of laying simple concrete 15x5x60 cm edging along the edge of the fence and lawn, but If I can get away without it, then I definitely will as it is another £.

    The last question is, does the sub-base need to be perfectly level and have no low/high spots at all? My thinking is that the mortar bed would compensate for them if they are slight and will fill the voids.

    Thank you for your answers.
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  2. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    1. Another inch or so would do for foot traffic, yes you can use a tamper.
    2. Hire a cement mixer.
    3. You could get away without it providing you don’t keep walking on the edges, so it makes sense to lay them.
    4. Just within reason.
  3. glob@l

    glob@l Active Member

    I understand what you mean in your last question, however if you want run-off, I believe the sub base itself is where that is formed?

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