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    I'm about to install central heating into my 3 bed house, but the ground floor has solid concrete flooring and lots of doorways so hiding pipes is going to be quite difficult. My plan is to put one long set of 22mm flow and return pipes across the middle of the house in the floor space between the ground and first floor. For each separate radiator I'll then T off the 22mm pipes with 15mm pipes.

    My question is - is there a limit to the number/length of vertical runs you can have in any one heating circuit due to pressure/heat loss etc.? For example, I'll have five radiators downstairs, so four vertical sets of flow and return pipes (approx. 2.4m each).


    Any help would be most appreciated.


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    That is the way it would normally be done, hope the diagram is just for illustration purposes and your not going to actually run a pipe vertically down each side of the radiator, it's normally dropped down in conduit in the corner and along to each rad. If you struggle with heat circulation at the furthest rads one would carry out basic system balancing to ensure even distribution. Also hope your not fitting your own boiler? You also need to calculate heat requirements for each room and ensure the boiler is capable of that output.

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