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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Bodgitandlegit, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Just browsing the forum earlier, I read the post about a blocked toilet that refused to be cleared. It brought to mind a bathroom job I did for my sister last year. Her husband and his father installed this bathroom about 15 years ago and after a while the toilet would block occasionally. It responded to vigorous use of a plunger, but was getting incresingly difficult to clear. She decided that she would have the whole lot replaced and I was asked to install it. I thought I'd better take a few photos, because I couldn't believe what I saw!
    Yes the soil pipe runs around the edge of the bathroom and under the corner bath that was there.
    But try this one
    This was the reason it kept blocking. My sister's husband refused to believe that anything was wrong and he insisted that it was my sister's fault for putting things down that were too big!!
  2. ThreadJacker

    ThreadJacker Active Member

    He's blocked nowt, he's already said it was his sisters.

    Nice pics bogitandlegit. ;)
  3. imran_

    imran_ New Member

    Aye. I bet he said he never slept with you as well???? ;)

    [Good joke setups don't come around like this every day!]
  4. Planet Niton

    Planet Niton Member

    UGH!! And the winner of the worst looking bathroom plumbing set-up (or **-up!) is.... !!!!
  5. The worst (best) bit was that the push fit under the bath had pulled apart due to lack of support and was oozing onto the floor. I had to replace several rotten floorboards as well.

    All the hot and cold feeds were in 15mm and all the joints were compression and again the pipes were just flying to the taps, no clips at all.

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