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  1. poolcorgi

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    Re: diy donuts site
    Posted: Nov 29, 2009 10:20 AM

    Re: corgi parts arena
    Posted: Feb 16, 2007 5:57 PM Reply

    Oh dear Mr poolcorgi, aka deefa, aka kevplumb, amongst others.

    Take your blinkers off ignore what YOU think is the truth I resigned from the committee and have a letter from your chairman Mr Tony Brunton accepting that.

    The manuals library went the way it did because of one of your committe members Anto, aka Tony Land, said so.

    Oh and incidently another of your committee members is on record of saying refering to yourself:
    "The mans lost his marbles.

    What or how we deal with the problem is anybody's guess, but something has to be done."

    But most importantly if you are gonna post drivel at least get your facts right.

    Ah!! You should have let yourself known to us all Kevplumb, wonderfull to hear from you again, hows your trailer park home & wife/sister??

    I'm so please you joined us, as there was a report of the Polis in the US finding a corpse with a pea brain & small penis. Keep putting the cream on your red neck son............LOL!!!

    lets have some FACTS mr puller
  2. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    I'm so please you joined us, as there was a report of the Polis in the US finding a corpse with a pea brain & small penis...............It was on Sky News son.
  3. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    "The mans lost his marbles..............And that's the official line on the ARGI forum!!!
  4. musky1

    musky1 New Member

    youre defo... American, now **** off and leave us Brits alone
  5. ThreadJacker

    ThreadJacker Active Member

    Musky1, kevplumb's a British ex-pat anyway!
  6. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    British ex-pat my arze!! What British ex-pat is a Gas Safe RGI & a memebr of ARGI. If your eyes can take it, look at his profile on DIYdoughnuts, his 'trailer' has a right dodgey wall paper job, that was done in 1983!! Gawd he is ugly though; when he was born they should've slapped his mother not him. I'm sure they kept the wrong bit!!
  7. poolcorgi

    poolcorgi New Member

    FACTS mr puller FACTS

    not your inane ramblings

    at least 4 LIES in your last little missive

    i apreciate the truth does not quite suit your argument at the moment

    but you could at least try and get SOMETHING right

    not doing very well up to now mr puller
  8. *

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  9. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    Oh boy!

    Dick must be splitting his sides laughing at this plonker!
  10. poolcorgi

    poolcorgi New Member

    s plonker!


    really i don't see mr puller posting any FACTS to back his claims up

    now theres a thought
  11. Switcher

    Switcher New Member

    What claim?
  12. Howay, it's coal miner kev, the brains of the northeast. D'yer like me new tat kev? I was ganna get one like yer's got, but I heard Bet say she thinks yer's is a bit big fer yer scrawny body like.

    You washed them jeans yet? They'll be walking themselves to the launderette soon!
  13. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    Facts! Facts!!
    Are you or are you not Kevplumb??
    Are you or are you not a red neck trailer park trash sister lover???
  14. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

  15. poolcorgi

    poolcorgi New Member

    sister lover???

    yes i post on another site as kevplumb

    no i would say if you understood what it meant you are closer than me

    no should you so desire you can have my sister i havent spoken to her in 5 years and see no reason to start now

    right you have had your answers smart ***

    lets have a few from you

    rgi im listening

    member of ARGI im listening

    letter from brunton im listening

    back your mouth up mr puller
  16. poolcorgi

    poolcorgi New Member

    Howay, it's coal miner kev, the brains of the northeast.


    never been a miner in my life *******
  17. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    never been a miner in my life...........No but he's entertained plenty in the back of his van!!
  18. poolcorgi

    poolcorgi New Member

    questions to difficult for you mr puller

    i don't want your bluster

    just something to back your obviously ill informed mouth up
  19. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    Words from my good self, I think you'll find;

    As a ARGI member, I fully support what 'doitall' stated and also fully support what Alan has said and done.

    Of course, I'm not aware of all the facts. All I do know, is that as a ARGI member, I willingly provided some manuals and I'm also willing to pay to download any manual I don't have from Alan's site.
    You Alan, after all must have incurred a lot of expense and devoted a lot of time to the project.

    I can also see why some people will view this incident as a bit underhanded, but when all is said and done, people like 'doitall' have given up a lot of their time for ARGI, for which I'm very grateful.

    Can I please request all RGI's to join ARGI, I feel they are people with our best interests are heart, please view this thread for what it is, handbags at dawn. I have never spoken to any other member of ARGI, but know we have a common interest.

    So Kevin, are you or have you ever been a ARGI member??
  20. poolcorgi

    poolcorgi New Member

    answer the questions first puller

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