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    Hi all

    Been renting the same place for 6 years. Bathroom was... not installed well. First time sealant needed redone the landlord came out and did it (always refuses to get a qualified person in and has, among other things, installed light switches upside down and connected the water heater backwards) but he just piped a bit of silicone and left it, which came away from the tiles in a couple of weeks. Redoing it myself ever since because it's not worth the hassle and months waiting for him.

    Main issue as you can see from photos is the MASSIVE HOLE around the edge of the bath that goes across entire tap end and also halfway down the length. I've never gotten it smooth because of just how much there is to try and fill. Doing it again today and finally had ENOUGH of fighting this battle.

    Previously I've been filling the hole with poly and then doing sealant when there's a perfectly normal gap to be working with but I still have to do it every 12-18 months (better than 2 weeks I'll grant you, but it does eventually still collapse away).

    How do I go about doing this so I can leave it for at least *two* years? Tried using just silicone once but most of it vanished down the gap never to be seen again, used up about 2 entire tubes costing a small fortune, and pulled away in about 6 months.

    (No idea who installed the bath like this but I strongly suspect it was Mr "measured for a replacement oven with his hands and declined use of a tape measure")

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