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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Mowbs, Mar 22, 2017.

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    Get some more quotes to get an honest price, then price up the materials yourself, not forgetting scaffolding, skips, tool hire etc

    However long time wise they've allowed, quadruple it minimum if you're doing it yourself.

    Don't underestimate the job. Roofing isnt rocket science, but If you'd had some roofing experience, even say doing a mono pitch or similar, you wouldn't be asking the sort of questions you have. The real deal breaker came when you mentioned 4 gables and 4 valleys. Chippie gave you an honest answer based simply on the fact that it's very easy to mess up and what money you may save in labour, chances are you'll pay for it elsewhere down the line...probably with a divorce in tow too :D
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  2. Mowbs

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    So because I classed 1 valley as 2 I'm not up to the job?
  3. Mowbs

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    You guys seem to spend your evenings on a diy forum telling everyone not to tackle jobs themselves. I don't underestimate for a minute the scale of the job but as you say it's not rocket science and I appreciate the best way of 'cocking my house up' is doing it wrong, which is the reason I wrote this post which is now 2 pages long and full of tw@ts fishing for likes from their 'virtual' mates and absolutely no help to me at all.

    When I know exactly how to do the job I will make an informed decision whether or not to do it myself and if nothing else I will be better informed to know if the roofing contractor is doing a satisfactory job.
  4. wiggy

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    I personally don't think its that difficult. But then I have been around and worked with roofers for years.
    Counter batten.
    Ring shank nails.
    Any good quality breathable membrane. Tyvek for e.g..
    The most skill in it is the muck work on the verges and ridge, but as your using dry verge it doesn't really come in to it.
    Also cutting your valleys with a big disc cutter it is not for the faint hearted.
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  5. CGN

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    if you read the majority of the responses on here you'll see that most people give considered, accurate (as best as poss in a virtual sense) and often lengthy replies to questions. Yes, sometimes people are blunt and there is plenty of banter at times...goes with the territory.

    If I asked the question ' I want some advice on re-wiring my house and wondered what colour the live wire is', because I've been quoted 10k to have the job done...would you in all honesty think I'm up to the job?
    Unfortunately, that's a bit how your initial question came across.
    You don't have to accept that...just take a step back for a mo and try and see it from another perspective.
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  6. sospan

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    And to go with this, there is the inbuilt risks. Complacency with experienced builders and uncertainty with novices put risks well into the red zone, it isn't just from the falls, slips and cuts but from the speed of work required and the physical graft of stripping a roof, getting 8x4 on the roof, re-boarding and then getting all the tiles up there. One small injury - fall, deep cut or put your back out and the re-roofing will come to an abrupt halt. Within the next few weeks roofers like all trades this time of year, will be at their busiest. If you do find one, that could fit you in at short notice, they probably aren't the ones you want to go with.
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  7. b4xtr

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    I Was a roofer when i was younger,
    And although it's not beyond the skills of a keen diy-er, particularly with research on tile manufacturers websites etc, it is a very very physically demanding job. Everything is heavy, big, awkward to handle while trying to balance etc
    I would say it's not something to attempt on your own, but, if you have a friend or relative that can help you, together with a run of good weather, then you might be ok.
    However, i would say, like others, you are probably best getting the pros in
    Use your skills/labour to add value elsewhere
  8. koolpc

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    If you think you are up to the task then i say give it a go!

    Safety first.

    Why concrete tiles?
  9. wiggy

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    Spot on.

    Nothing like bumping up half a dozen pallets of tiles and some nice wet batten.
  10. That's it in a nutshell.

    Folk on here like to see some degree of research or implied competence before issuing further guidance on a complex and probably dangerous task such as this.

    CGN's wiring colours is a neat example. And it's also often been the case with peeps asking about running gas pipes or installing boilers - some will come on and indicate that they've already done the calcs, have good experience of plumbing and just wish to go that extra step with help. But others will come on and say "I want to move my boiler - what do I need to do...?"

    Only one gets given help.

    The questions you asked, Mowbs, were basic. Fundamental. And that's why you were 'tested' - and came up somewhat lacking in grace and over-endowned in petulance. You have hurt Chippie bad. I hope he gets over it and is big enough to stay.

    If you are going to ask such basic questions, then good chance you are going to be on here on a virtually hourly basis asking about the 'next step' and 'what to do now'.


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  11. sospan

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    An interesting point on knowing your own limitations, I haven't met a roofer who puts up their own scaffolding even though the certification and training is relatively cheap. This is one area where experience really counts
  12. Jord86

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    With questions you have asked such as "should I use counter battens?", and "how often to nail the battens?", and "what type of membrane to use?", you show yourself to be extremely lacking in competence, ability, basic knowledge and most of all simple manners. With your childish, sarcastic, petulant 'toys out the pram' attitude shown at being advised to get a professional in rather than risk messing your home up, you are undoubtedly the **** in this saga, certainly not chippie or anyone else on here.
  13. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    It was the questions about the membrane that got to me.
    He started 2 abusive conversations with me as well, I didn't actually notice this till I checked my emails this morning.
    I think I need therapy :eek::eek:
  14. CGN

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    It's nearly the weekend'll pull through...somehow! :D
  15. chippie244

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    I told Peter and he said it had been dealt with which helps :)
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  16. Jord86

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    I'm fairly sure he's the one needing therapy, possibly chemical. The whole reason I joined this forum in the first place was to try to help people and give my limited advice on things I may or may not be experienced in, rude idiots like that won't ever appreciate the effort or understand the reasoning behind knowledgeable people's responses.
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    It was the homophobic comment and the one about your face ......... I can't wait until he has a similar tantrum with some hard nosed tradesmen.:D
  18. sospan

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    The thing that gets me, is the people whom come on here to get advice, you give them the advice and then they quibble if the advice is not what they want to hear
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  19. chippie244

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    I've heard a lot, lot worse. I spent 6 years in the army and also worked for years in musical theatre. It's all water off a very thick skinned ducks back. :):)
  20. Yeah, it's a good job our Chips is a complete wus.

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