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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by bobby109, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. bobby109

    bobby109 New Member

    Hiya folks,

    I wanted some advice on building a shed from scratch.

    I am a tenant with a large garden and plan to be long term. Landlord does not have a shed and so I have nowhere to store garden equipment and any extras.

    I would like to get a pent shed measuring 2.4m by 2.4m with a max height of 2m.

    What would be the cheapest way of doing this? Been watching a load of YouTube vids and think I can do it but more struggling to source low cost materials.

    If there are better alternatives or if it would make more sense to just buy a shed, I'm all ears.

    I'm really not bothered about it lasting too long, 5-10 years.

    Would like to keep it under £400 if possible!

    Oh and there is already a lovely concrete base.
  2. Okoak

    Okoak Active Member

    You say you intend to remain there long term but don't mind if your shed only lasts 5 years?
    You can't build a shed from scratch for a budget of £400 unless you want to knock something up from pallets and used timber if you have access to that kind of thing, but 400 quid won't get you far with new timber I'm afraid.
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  3. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    The main reason to build your own shed is for durability rather than cost.
    If you only want a basic storage solution to last a few years, you'll probably find it a lot cheaper and easier to go for a budget ready-built one.
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  4. bobby109

    bobby109 New Member

    Thanks both.

    Would you mind sharing some examples? To be fair it doesn't need to be 2.4m x 2.4m, just wanted to make use of all the space. But would ideally like to store a fair few garden tools, lawnmower, wheelbarrow, maybe some more space for any extras (foldaway bbq maybe).
  5. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    I think you'll struggle to get an 8x8 shed for £400, the best thing is to look online or locally.

    As an example Screwfix do an apex 6x8 for just over £400, for some reason the pent is more expensive. As with any budget shed you'll probably want to make some extra reinforcements as it's likely to be quite flimsy.
    Another cheap alternative might be a metal shed but they're not the easiest to assemble.
  6. bobby109

    bobby109 New Member

    I ended up buying a 7 by 4 metal shed. Don't mind if it's a bit of faff to put up. Got it for around £220.

    Thanks for the advice peeps.
  7. diymostthings

    diymostthings Well-Known Member

    Is that meters?
  8. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    Feet, I don't think you'd even be able to buy a 23ft x 13ft metal shed, especially for £220?

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