Do I have a soak away?

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  1. I live in an old House with old services. I have located the brick-built septic tank which accepts all my bath water and effluence. However I have several cast iron downpipes that disappear into clay drains and when I stick my arm down it feels like round clay pipe. Majority of the downpipes are on the front elevation of the house and the ground slopes away so in my head I imagine a network of linking clay pipes that terminate at a large hole full of rubble. Question is: how can I be sure? Are there any clues in locating it. My deeds don't say anything. I'm asking primarily because one drain is clearly blocked and I would like to trace its route to sort it. Many thanks, in advance.
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    Phone drainage company.. We are severn trent but your area company should be able to advise. We were worried as ground moved and they came out and stuck camera down. All took 10mins but they took pictures to update records. No cost. Free... With any luck they should know if your off grid or not and advise. Worth a call
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    It's quite common for rain water to run to a soakaway if you're on a septic tank system. Rain water would flood the septic tank so normally they are separate. Only way to be 100% is to pay a drainage company to carry out a CCTV survey and trade/sonde and jetting.
    Also check your utility bill, you shouldn't be paying for waste water treatment or surface water so if that's not included in the bill then there's a good chance you've got soakaways.
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    OP states front elevation ground slopes away so if rainwater off ground surface goes towards highway drainage area he will still get charged for surface water disposal even if he has soakaways
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    How does that work? I have highway drains flowing into my ditches on my land: do Severn Trent pay me for receiving their rainfall? No!!
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    Its not their rainfall anyone can grab it as it comes down and its the highway authority who are discharging into your ditch
  7. I don't get charged for waste water removal. I know I must have soakaways but my question (if it wasn't obvious) was how do I locate them on my land.
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    Think I may have already mentioned in a previous reply but the only way is to get a cctv survey done. A sonde and trace will also map the route of the drain so you can locate the exact location of the soakaway

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