Do i need to prime if repainting white wood door and architrave?

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by marc1977, Dec 8, 2018.

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    Sorry for the noddy question but i cant find the answer here b already - Im repainting a white wood door and architrave, the existing paint is in good condition, just a bit yellow. I think its satin wood paint. Do i need to bother priming this or can i just lightly sand down and repaint in Satin white?

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    Waterbased or oil based paint. Some waterbased you do while others you don't. What paint you using? If painting on old yellow oil based paint I always prime with waterbased primer regardless
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    Only need to prime bare wood, so basically no :)

    However, if after sanding down, you do hit bare wood (sometimes happens on the edges when you sand), then just ‘spot prime’ these sections

    As the paintwork is yellowed, this suggests it’s solvent based paint, prone to yellowing over time

    What paint are you using here - solvent or water based ?

    After a light sanding and dusting, give the woodwork a good wash down with hot water and sugar soap, followed by a wipe down with clean water and rag

    Can be traces of household polishes, grease from hands, etc on woodwork which can play havoc with new paint

    If using water based paint, I would be tempted to Undercoat after prep and any priming
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    Thanks both....whats the difference between an undercoat and a primer though?
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    Primers seal a new surface your door has been previously painted so a primer is not required, at best an undercoat would be advised to provide a good key for the top coat, however most Satin paints are self undercoating and would only require the existing surface to be lightly sanded and cleaned prior to applying two coats of paint to re-finish.
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