Do I really need to use boiler to heat water and store it?

Discussion in 'Getting Started FAQ' started by Shani Fitzpatrick, Sep 12, 2021.

  1. Shani Fitzpatrick

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    This is a little complex...

    My heating is from oil boiler. Only can get hot water if heating on and vis versa.
    In the summer just turn it all off.
    Now I was thinking about what is causing about might be micro switch, could it be the timer wired wrong?
    But....I don't really use hot water. I have no bath, I live alone, I boil a kettle twice a day to wash up.....

    Rather than having a boiler technician investigating a friendhas suggested that I have two valves fitted to stop water going in or out of the water cylinder, effectively isolating it so I don't have it heating, which is what I'd do if the switches worked this safe?
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  3. Shani Fitzpatrick

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    I don't have the slightest clue what your issue is or what advice you're looking for, and I doubt I'm alone in that.
    What is your issue?
    What is your question?
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  5. Shani Fitzpatrick

    Shani Fitzpatrick New Member

    Think needed to split them....
    Since I've moved in, I can only get heating/hot water to work if both are turned on on the timer. If I turn just one or other on, the light turns on but boiler does not fire up.
    Thank you
  6. Muzungu

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    I think you will need to give a complete description of the system you have.

    For example, do you have central heating, radiators, thermostat, the type of boiler and timer etc., is this a flat or house? There are some very experienced guys on here who will give you help but they will need complete information of your system. When you say you have no bath do you mean you have no bathroom, surely not?
  7. Shani Fitzpatrick

    Shani Fitzpatrick New Member

    Thank you for your advice.
    Tomorrow I will get all the details.
    I have an electric shower! No actual bath....Thanks again.
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    I am out.
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    - saving yourself the grief
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    From the information given I would say yes this is safe as it seems regardless of whether u have HW/heating both on or on independently the water travels around both circuits so would always have somewhere to go. You have an electric shower so probably only use a small amount of hot water from the tank anyway. My concerns would be that it isn’t really a great idea to have a tankful of water sat there stagnating, there could be legionalla concerns. Also, chances are it is an easy fix for a plumber, it’s probably a faulty zone valve or a programmer playing up, so by the time you pay for valves to be fitted it may work out cheaper to get the issue actually fixed.
  11. Shani Fitzpatrick

    Shani Fitzpatrick New Member

  12. Shani Fitzpatrick

    Shani Fitzpatrick New Member

    I have an update, bizarrely the people who put in system (I just got new boiler have never put in a motorised valve....and was assumed it was tucked away).
    Getting plumber to look at it and yes, hadn't considered stagnant water.....
    Thank you

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