Do log cabins require a seperate Consumer Unit?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by marc1977, Jun 22, 2020.

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    Im having electrics fitting to a log cabin, Ive had 4 quotes - 2 sparkys say it needs a CU, the other 2 say it doesn't! who is right?

    Its being fed from a brand new CU in the house on a dedicated 32 amp fuse and is about 40 metres away.

  2. MGW

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    In the main no, using a switched FCU for lights, and 4 mm cable for radial or lollipop ring, it does not NEED a CU however with a 32A supply I would say having a CU is a good idea.

    40 meters is a good run, and some consideration on earthing methods is required, it may need to be TT, so I would likely want to fit a CU, but you could use something like a cooker connection unit but quick google and garage consumer unit start at around £15 and cooker connection unit £4.50 and switched FCU £3.50 and £0.60 for light switch, so difference in price around £8, so does it really matter?
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    One hope you don't mean 4mm to another ring from 13a fcu off an existing ring?
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    So save you the trouble of reading the many previous post on this topic

    Read this
    Watch this
    Find an electrician here

    Good luck with your project
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    No if you read @marc1977 says 32A fuse, it does seem odd today to fit a brand new consumer unit with a fuse, but it clearly can be done. There could be a problem if not already RCD protected, clearly a fuse can't be a RCBO and personally I would use a RCD at one end or other, which depends if high integrity or not, but I am assuming both sets of sparks are complying with regulations, however the maximum permitted supply to lighting is 16A so some where some how there needs to be a reduction from 32A to under 16A likely 3A, and using a switched FCU is the easy way to fuse lights down to 3A.

    Also clearly an electrician has been found, and it is not DIY, the question is simply which is correct, and technically you don't NEED a CU in the log cabin, but can't see any benefit of not fitting one.
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    It's 40M away from the house!

    Dedicated DB at the Cabin, end of!
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    I would go henleys and tails as well. Completely seperate
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    All are correct.
    It boils down to which method will be cheaper.

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