Do people change?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Jitender, Aug 1, 2016.

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    So Jit is a girly then ??

    Has it been confirmed ??

    I never suspected this, just assumed that the poster was a geezer

    Makes no odds to me really, just from all the building works that 'he' has undertaken, recon on 'him' being a bloke

    Unless this is the dilemma ...... 'he' may be feeling a little Arthur or Martha ...... If you get my drift

    But, none of our business really, except that this is a public forum and the discussion has started

    Either way, don't care, just keep in touch with the forum Jit
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    Just because anger isn't visible, dosn't mean its not there.
  4. Everyone has anger to some degree, Jit.

    And how people come across on this (and other) forum will always only be one aspect of them - never the exact same person you'd meet in real life (with possibly a few rare exceptions).
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    I don't actually have mutton chops
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    Do people change?

    Yes they do, I was once a ba87ed now I am a complete ba87ed.
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    I have a song for this thread:

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    Its not depression, otherwise I would be in bed :oops: been there b4, more like being ALIVE.
  9. I want some of that... :oops:
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    I think I need a career change also, if I told you all what I do for a living would make fun of me.:oops:

    Feel I have more to offer but scared to make the move.
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    Does anyone renember the computer program at school, think it was call ciscal?

    Where you go through a series of questions and it selects your profession?

    Git rid of old school work, but still got college stuff.
  12. So what profession did it come up with? And what profession(s) did you end up pursuing?

    What'dya do in college?
  13. Jitender

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    Came up with woodworker or joiner. Studied engineering at college.

    But do cleaning as a living :oops:
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    I think it does come with age/experience, when I was younger used to drive like a maniac :oops: because it was all about 'me'. But now see things differently, we don't know what the other drivers been through and sometimes they take it out on the other person. Now when I drive just concentrate on the driving and the environment, really is a different experience and feel much better:), just see all the other things as a practice on patience etc.
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    It's all coming out now :)
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    You promised a new avi after Halloween, last year....remember :rolleyes:
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    You think girls can't DIY? How do you confirm someone is a girl or boy :D, check under knickers I guess :eek:

    Check this video out:

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    Bit touchy today!
  20. She walks in to the forest, chainsaw slung casually over her shoulder, hair tumbling like a tousled unruly cloud, the low, golden evening sun creating the perfect back-lighting to her slim bod - and then she said "You get the wood..."

    She was absolutely right.

    (Soz - I'm ashamed :oops:

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