Does anyone know what this is for?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Alan Dy, Oct 3, 2021.

  1. Alan Dy

    Alan Dy New Member

    Got a box of these and do not know what they are used for, any ideas?
    Thanks IMG_20211003_161129.jpg
  2. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Active Member

    Could it be ? .........

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  3. Roger 93:20

    Roger 93:20 New Member

    I believe it is used if your original wall ties fail. You drill the correct size hole and when tightened the rubber expands in the cavity wall interior and exterior bricks .
  4. Alan Dy

    Alan Dy New Member

    That makes sense, thanks
  5. JOMEL

    JOMEL Active Member

    Yes wall ties.
    My son had some used on an old home years ago.
    I thoght the were quite a nice idea.

    Johnny M
  6. Alan Dy

    Alan Dy New Member


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