Does engineer mode disable tamper on Optima XL6 alarm?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Randolfus, May 17, 2019.

  1. Randolfus

    Randolfus New Member

    This is probably one for alarm engineers/sparkies familiar with this particular panel but here goes anyway. A tamper fault has developed on my system - the alarm goes off when not set (i.e. when in normal day mode). The panel only indicates "Tamper" with no zone showing unlike a real alarm when the zone lights up. It's probably a mouse chewing a cable in the loft or an insect inside a PIR, or a dying battery/wasps in the exterior bell. The panel itself has a brand new back-up battery but the exterior bell battery will be a few years old.

    I have put the system in Engineer mode (Day and Attack are lit). I need to trace the tamper fault or wait for my trusty installer to get back from holiday. Meanwhile, I want the whole system disabled so that no tampers arise because and I don't want it going off all night annoying my neighbours as I sometimes work nights.

    Will the Engineer mode setting I have described disable the system? (and can I leave it like this indefinitely whilst I check everything, which will take several days up in the loft etc?)

    Thanks in advance to anyone with experience of this and can advise accordingly.

    Cheers all.
  2. Sparkielev

    Sparkielev Well-Known Member

    Press programme then enter user code should go into tamper mode
  3. Randolfus

    Randolfus New Member

    Hi Sparkielev,

    Thanks for your reply. So would you say that Tamper mode is better than full Engineer mode in order to disable the system's ability to function normally whilst I look for the problem?
    Tamper mode seems to be the step immediately before full Engineer mode. (I'm not entirely sure what the difference is between Tamper mode and full Engineer mode).
  4. peter palmer

    peter palmer Well-Known Member

    If you take the front cover of the panel off there are two tamper circuits, one is what all the sensors will be connected to and the other is where the bell box connections are, you can link them out in the panel with a short piece of cable to find out which tamper it is. But also bear in mind it could be the box lid tamper itself or the one on the keypad (if separate keypad)
  5. peter palmer

    peter palmer Well-Known Member

    Just googled the model that is an old panel, I was fitting them 30 years ago.
  6. Randolfus

    Randolfus New Member

    Thanks Peter, that sounds like a plan....I'll be on to it tomorrow morning when I have good daylight to see what I'm doing. Yes, I can believe the panel is starting to creak a bit!
  7. spirits are real 2016

    spirits are real 2016 Active Member

    30 years old that is alarming.

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