Does gas need capping off?

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by Mamma G, Jan 27, 2024.

  1. Mamma G

    Mamma G Member

    I recently had a gas hob and built in oven and grill removed and replaced with a freestanding duel fuel cooker. Some new wiring had to be put in place.
    My question is would the engineer had to have capped the gas off if it was being replaced the same day within a few hours? I was under the impression that as I was quoted for two separate visits that the gas was being capped because he was going to return another day so had to leave the gas safe.
    There is an isolator valve on the pipe.
    Thank you.
  2. billysloke

    billysloke Active Member

    If I am understanding you correctly, the engineer has invoiced you for capping off the gas pipe, and you are disputing whether there was any need to cap it off because it was only a risk for a few hours. I don't think you are likely to have any success pursuing this argument through the courts. The engineer will not want to risk his gas safe certification by assuming/trusting that somebody he doesn't know won't do anything stupid in his absence/try to blackmail him with a photo of the dangerous condition in which he has left the installation.
    It does seem as though it would have been preferable for him to complete the removal and replacement in one session but you imply the wiring had to be installed in between these two stages, so it wouldn't have made much sense for the engineer to stand guard in the kitchen.
    Was it not to your benefit that you were only without cooking facilities for hours rather than days? Did the engineer not in fact make two separate visits?
  3. LearnMore

    LearnMore Active Member

    If it was just an isolation valve and the end was open, then yes, it’s classed as immediately dangerous and would need to be capped. Should anything have happened in the meantime and the emergency service provider was to be called, they would cap the gas and riddor the engineer in question.
  4. Mamma G

    Mamma G Member

    No it was one visit but I
    It was done in one visit. The original quote was for two visits as I had to remove cupboards but this was all done beforehand. First visit was to cap gas second visit to remove and install cooker and install a new cooker socket.
  5. billysloke

    billysloke Active Member

    So he made two visits but you think the work carried out during the first visit could have been carried out during the second visit? I get where you're coming from but realistically you have given him the go-ahead on the basis of the total price, how he chooses to account for his time beneath that umbrella is his own business.
  6. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    So he priced 2 visits and did it in one? Whilst I agree that you paid for the work, I rather suspect that if he had been required to make a second visit after pricing on one he would have come back for more.

    Were I the plumber concerned I think I'd have given you a bit of discount so you thought I was a great guy and recommended me.
  7. Mamma G

    Mamma G Member

    Not quite but thanks for the response

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