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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by MCDJD, Jan 11, 2023.

  1. MCDJD

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    So I had a room in my house with no plug sockets, It was a very old room and I wanted to use it as a small office. It needed plugs, 3 doubles to be precise. The room was bare brick so I plaster boarded on dabs.

    To install the plugs I created a spur off a plug on a ring main in the room adjacent. I drilled through the wall directly behind the spurred plug and stuck a 13amp fuse box using 2.5mm T&E. From the fuse box I ran 2.5mm T&E down to the level I wanted the plugs in a straight line and with nailed wall clips, and a 90 degree bend to run cable across the room. I then ran straight lines to 3No. double gang plugs in this room, all daisy chained off each other. Each plug (and the fuse box) are set in 25mm metal back boxes that sit within the plasterboard lining. Everything is earthed and works brilliantly. I have tested by removing the fuse and everything turns off. I am confident there is no risk here as the spur goes straight into a 13amp fuse box so the 3No. double sockets are surely limited to 13 amps between them. Although this is a limitation to the room, I would rather be limited than unsafe.

    My query is, based on what you have read above, is this something I should have got signed off or is it simply a minor DIY job? Does what I have done sound ok to most electricians on here? I am not qualified to sign anything off, but do consider myself competent at least.

  2. seneca

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    I would say that you've done is all ok. It's not a 'new circuit' and is all protected by the 13amp fuse in the plug.
  3. Bazza

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    The question is if the existing circuit (and therefore your new sockets) is protected by a 30mA RCD.
    There may be one in your consumer unit.
  4. MCDJD

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    Hi Bazza,

    It is indeed, in fact the 2 ring circuits I have are protected by their own 30mA RCBOs as a new consumer unit was installed and signed off by an electrician 6 months ago. Lights, fridge, oven, hob, boiler etc all on their own circuits with their own RCBOs.
  5. MGW

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    I would not think there would be a problem. However I have said that before, and then found some thing which has been missed.

    If in a kitchen in Wales then it would not comply for example. And you should complete a Minor works certificate, but it is after all just the same as a 6 outlet extension lead, and it is RCD protected, so should be OK.

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