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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by ukwoody, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. ebanista

    ebanista New Member

    Most of the injuries i've seen seem to happen when routine tasks are being performed; ripping on the table saw, chopping on the mitre box, chiseling etc... Because they're tasks done a million times b4 so therefore become 'routine' perhaps this is why we sometimes switch-off? Fortunately the only really close shave i've had was with my handsaw! Needing to chop up several lengths of scrap 3x2, (old frames and casements) i used my trusty jet-cut. repetative, simple, quick... thumb of my 'clamping' hand too close to the crappy thin blade once too often result = a clean cut through thumb nail and tip into the bone! i can only think that the resulting pain would be like having the end of your todger cut off! Strange thing was that after about 3 weeks the cut healed right over, no scar even.
  2. Barn Raiser

    Barn Raiser New Member

    I remember watching a chippy last year planing a large frame. He finished a sweep with the planer then for some reason he held the sole plate of the machine to his belly. Luckily it was cold and he was wearing a cotton jacket over a t shirt. The planer, just a little bosche one, pulled half the jacket up into itself. It took us about 5 minutes to cut it off him. He was very shocked, couldn't explain it except that he meant to stop the turning blades.
  3. Bob Property

    Bob Property New Member

    Getting worried that this thread is turning into the woodworking equivalent of Kurt Vonnegut's Porpoise Story. (don't ask - it's too long - in summary the people able to tell the story are alive - other people who have had a similar thing happen to them are dead).
    The people who can't post their stories have probably already appeared somewhere in the Darwin Awards. :(

    I think it is a good time to reflect on what we do, make sure we stay alert and are around long enough to see our children grow up.
  4. Indiawoo

    Indiawoo New Member

    Not had any accidents myself (touch wood) but can relate to the lapse in concentration.
    I put it down to tiredness and not getting a decent nights sleep.

    Sweet dreams everyone.
  5. Mr. Fuxit

    Mr. Fuxit New Member

    A kid working at our local Tesco's stuck his dick in the bacon slicer!

    They sacked both of them.
  6. Son of DIY

    Son of DIY Member

    Almost ended up in a similar state once whilst using a dewalt belt sander with a coarse belt - was sanding down a newel post, started to smell something funny, stopped the sander and immediately my watch fell off... it'd burnt right through my watch face (which I always have against the underside of my wrist) and was almost at the point of going straight through my main artery.

    Hope you dont miss too much work dude.
  7. diyhopeful

    diyhopeful Active Member

    I take it most of you guys are professionals ?

    I thought it was only us DIY'ers who did ourselves damage.

    Kneeling on a 9" grinder whilst spinning down....

    Stepping on a six inch twist nail then lifting the whole board with my foot, like a skier....
    etc etc

    My mate even fell of the roof of his house. He came round on his lawn and to this day has never told his wife....

    HAMMERBOY New Member

    diyhopeful ... i'm a DIYer, not a pro. Surely all of these are DIYers ;)

    I'm an accountant so not much chance of me doing any serious damage . Though i did spill a cup of coffee on my desk last week and it ......
  9. magical trevor

    magical trevor New Member

    I had a nasty incident once when an angle grinder that i had borrowed didnt have the disc fitted correctly. Just as it got up to full speed the disk dropped off the grinder hit the metal that i was about to cut which sent it flying across the room. lucky that the newly fitted cooker hood took the full force of the impact !!! :(
  10. fatgit

    fatgit New Member

    I'm just a DIYer. What hope survival do I have? These stories are scaring the **** out of me!
  11. magical trevor

    magical trevor New Member

    It's all character building ;)
  12. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    When you've squashed your finger under a large hunk of tree stump, and the pressure is building up under your finger-nail, to the point of almost making you faint, and you ain't got the time or the inclination to get to Accident & Emergency,

    don't let your brother drill a hole in your finger-nail to relieve the pressure with his makita and 1mm drill bit!!!!

    Mr. Handyandy - really
  13. P F Hammer

    P F Hammer New Member

    In a rush to fit the last bracket to support a worktop, I drilled through the ring main, which I had already noted the position of to avoid! Big bang!

    Also, make sure your ladders are secure. Just 'cos you are just slapping a bit of paint on a dormer, you still need a secure platform! The instant when the ladder starts to move is a Wily Coyote moment. The fall is painless, it's the landing which hurts ! ( a lot!!!! )
  14. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    You lot been checkin' up on me ? :):O

    Mr. Handyandy - really
  15. Rizla

    Rizla New Member

    Not chippy story but was putting up xmas lights couple of years ago, told girlfriend how every year i take them out and they work straight away.... nothing... aaah broken bulb! but two wires hanging out i'll just join them together then. So after 10 seconds pain up the arm and screaming i managed to let go and pick up the girlfriend from the floor from laughing.
  16. CoolNGroovy

    CoolNGroovy New Member

    cousin of mine was using a table saw and lining up the wood for the cut, closed one eye as you do when lining it all up, pushed the wood in and blade came off, went straight up his chest, and went straight up the middle of his face.

    Scars have healed pretty well, and he was lucky it was straight up the middle of his face.

    DOne a lot of work this autumn with circular saws, grinders, etc, and always thought I was paranoid 'cos I was switching the saws/grinders off in between use. Double check plug pulled out when changing blades. Maybe i'll carry on doing it!
  17. Daytona

    Daytona New Member

    unwoody I think must of us are three steps ahead of what we are doing and not concentrating on the job,there for the grace of god go I, hope all turns out ok, if not are you selling you tools
  18. dual193

    dual193 New Member

    I was laying a laminate floor last summer, it was quite a hot that day and so I was in a bit of a rush to get to the ale house to partake in a cooling beverage.. I was on the home straight just trimming up the last cut with a belt sander, a small off-cut that really did'nt need trimming but being the perfectionist that i am I took hold in left hand and started sanding my fingers.. seeing this, my little helper switched off at the wall saving a few more mm of my fingers.. this was bad enough but after wrapping my fingers in bog roll and tape I decided to finnish the job and switched the sander back on at the wall!! the bloody thing was still switched on and promtly did a wheell spin accross the floor... I was gutted... you know the feeling you get when you just have to shake your head and leave without saying a word.. I still went to the pub but had a few more than I had first planed
  19. Know it all

    Know it all New Member

    My dads a paramedic first aider for a private ambulance service the most blood hes ever seen, a bloke dropped a manhole cover and took both thumbs clean off
  20. diysurgeon

    diysurgeon New Member

    One that wasn't my fault. Getting close to the end of a kitchen fit. All i had to do was the polishing off the tiles behind the gas hob. Went to the loo. Came back, leaning over the hob polishing the tiles. Mate says can you smell burning, I turn round, **** you are on fire!!! My shirt was in flames!!! The dopey old woman of the house switched one of the gas rings on low to light a ciggy. Forgot to turn it off. I didn't see it!

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