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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by busy builder, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. busy builder

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    I have to fit a door closer to a 1 hour fire door in a CAB office on the ground floor, and have a Briton 2003.

    Door closer can go either side of door so will this one do ?

    After looking in the Screwfix catalogue I notice there is a vast selection with qite a few the same spec but ranging quite a lot in price. Whats the difference ? is it just name/brand or is there something else I'm missing ? As the Briron 2003 is £60 but the DormaTS73V is £90.
  2. flippin heck

    flippin heck New Member


    If my memory serves me correctly the Dormer can handle heavier doors than the 2003. I think the 2003 is 60Kg, and the Dormer about 80. So you need to check the door weight.

    When you say the closer can be fitted on any side, do you mean left or right, or inside and outside? If you fit externally to a door opening inwards you will need an adaptor bracket for the 2003, its known as application 66.

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