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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Future Sparky, May 9, 2007.

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    I have an existing 2 way audio system in place which has 3 handsets connected to it. i have had to install a new door in-between and have been trying to set it up so that when the door open button is pushed oth doors are release simulatanously. I dont know if this is possible but I have a 6 core cable going to the existing lock release and have run a new 6 core cable from there to the new lock release and cabled it up in the same way.

    alas i get nothing, maybe its the cable, what size do the cores need to be? any pointers please!


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    Providing the transformer supplying the existing door release is capable of supplying enough current to opperate both releases at the same time... then just wire the new release across the old release (in parallel)
  3. RMH

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    Are the locks on the door fail open or fail locked? i.e. do you remove or apply power to the lock to open the door?
  4. JP.

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    Would think fail locked..reasoning..voltage needed to operate solenoid which when switched on opens the door plunger..and when no voltage door plunger throws into locked..
  5. RMH

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    In my experience I would think that the std ******/psu will not cope with the extra load. If the locks are dc then try doubling up on the -vdc. If ac then double both cores and see. I presume you are using 6-core alarm cable in which case its not really that suitable, 7 x 0.22mmsq is pushing it abit, IMHO
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    Most door entry systems have one localized control panel per door, which can be controlled 'downstream' by a centralized controller/battery backup unit.

    Fail Open or Fail shut locks is down to designer preference and also what the locks are protecting.

    If, in the case of a recent install of ours at a Solicitors practice, the system is just for internal use and hence classed as a 'low security' area then Fail Open is best, as no-one is going to be on yer back to get there pronto to fix it.

    If on the other hand the system is protecting entry to a Warehouse with Millions of quids worth of Mobile Phones then Fail Closed is obviously better even if it means 'totaling' the door to gain entry to fix the problem.

    Oh BTW This is the best gear on the market! ;)

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