door handle height ?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by dirtydeeds, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    lets keep it simple

    assume internal flush doors (so no "middle of the centre rail" answers)

    assume new housing (so no "copy whats already there" answers)

    now two questions requiring two answers

    what height do you install the handles at
    what authority do you claim as basis of your answer

    i cant find a british standard and googling it comes up with the following answers

    the site (school furniture site) says

    for 18 year olds 900 to 1000

    a UN website say 900 to 1000

    the manchester university website says 1000 to comply with the disability discrimination act
  2. Vinnie187

    Vinnie187 New Member

    what height do you install the handles at
    what authority do you claim as basis of your answer
    Thats what i have been taught.
  3. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member


    this all came about because i installed at 900 as i was taught and was told it was wrong

    my problem is that i cant give an authority AND the guy who says different cant quote an authority either
  4. John Darwin

    John Darwin New Member


    what height does the other guy say?
  5. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    950 is what this guy says

    oh and just to help the old carpeneters used to say 39 inches

    which is as near as damm it 990
  6. John Darwin

    John Darwin New Member

    Are we talking new build so Part M would apply? If so - 900mm - 1100mm. So you're not wrong - but neither is he.
  7. chip off the block

    chip off the block New Member

    i was always told 1m so i have always stuck to that
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  8. John Darwin

    John Darwin New Member

    That's right cotb, sit on the fence, bang in the middle ;)
  9. !!

    !! New Member

    I agree with chip always 1m from floor to centre of spindle
  10. peterob

    peterob New Member

    1m was what i was taught in college
  11. lamello

    lamello New Member

    Mine at 1000 too. Unless householders are very tall or very short
  12. yorkshireboy

    yorkshireboy Member

    I was taught 39" from the floor,exactly the middle of a six six door.
  13. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    It is a well known fact that the internal door handle is set at the exact height of an average height man's hip. The average man being 5'10", the top of his hip being 3'(or 900mm) approximately.

    There are people walking round with permanent scars on their hips at 900mm from walking into georgian/victorian door-handles all their life.

    So it must be true. :)

    Mr. Handyandy - really
  14. Trog

    Trog New Member

    Yep, mine at a metre too.
  15. damo

    damo New Member

    My City and Guilds course outlined that the positioning of the centre of door spindles should be at 900mm to 1m from floor level on internal doors.
    Always been happy between them heights.
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  16. two by one

    two by one New Member

    Politely point out that that is the height you were taught to fit handles at, and in the abscence of a written specification directing otherwise...
  17. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike New Member

    Hi DD,

    In the absence of a middle rail, I was taught 990mm from bottom of door to centreline of lever.

    City & Guilds, Institute of Carpenters.
  18. dirtydeeds

    dirtydeeds New Member

    thanks to everybody its confirmed what i thought

    i did it the way i was taught, the other guy was taught slightly different. there is no one single answer
  19. Binfield Carpenter

    Binfield Carpenter New Member

    If it is a Metric door I ensure that the latch is 1020 mm up and the spindle positioned at whatever height is needed to make that work. Reason for this is that the main supplier of these doors (Swedoor) makes them symetrical top to bottom so that the prehung doors can be turned up side down and used in left or right hand frames. With Swedoor latches this means the spindle is at 1040mm but with a core conventional lever latch the spindle is at 1020mm.

    On an Imperial door I go for the spindle at half way (990mm) unless there is a structural reason to avoid this. The mid rail is usually lower than this so no restriction there. Reason .... it looks right.
  20. thelamper

    thelamper New Member

    i have allways placed the handle hight at 990mm to the centreline of the latch wether there is a middle rail or not.

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