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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by wizwoz, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. wizwoz

    wizwoz Member

    What is the going rate for swinging a cheap & cheerful internal door?
    Someone collared me last week for one.."While you're here..." so I charged £35., Then it ocurred to me I was charging 35 quid fifteen yrs ago!
    Worse still it ocurred to me I was earning more 15yrs ago than I am now!
  2. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    You're opening a can of worms :)
  3. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    A huge can at that ;)
    there is a guy around here who seems to just do cheap doors.
    He has a van, signed up with a big advert.........
    Doors £49-00 supplied and fitted incl hinges and handles!
  4. JarraMag

    JarraMag New Member

    Where bouts you from? As prices seem to vary dramatically up and down the country.

    I'm just waiting for someone to come on and tell me they charged £200 to fit the door then £60 for the handle... Which the client was more than happy with!

    CHIPPYAL66 New Member

    I charge £50 per door, obviously depending on the quantity the price reduces.If you are lucky you can get a job with square frames and they drop in nicely but they come along very rarely

    Most chippies in the South east wont entertain less than 3.

    I hung just one for a customer once and she then decided to change the other 15 in the house so happy days
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  6. chippie238

    chippie238 New Member

    My price range is around £40 to £60 for internal and £60+ for back doors,75+ for front door. (prices based on state of door frames/liners and type of doors, fixings and ironmongary)
    I hate hanging doors, hence the reason why my price is a little on the high side for North West (Lancashire).
    Ive hung that many for new builds/residential and industrial over the last 15 years, Im just sick of doing them. Im very fair with regards pricing most other types of work, (apart from skirting per linear metre/mitre/scribe ect).
    Remember, no set price for England, depends whereabouts you live.
  7. chippie238

    chippie238 New Member

    In England!
  8. wizwoz

    wizwoz Member

    Ah., my apologies.. can of worms was not my intention.
    T'would seem I'm a bit lean on price altho not as much as I expected. (E.Midlands btw.) Tbh nowdays I turn them down,, can't be * with 'em... but sometimes if you're already there and built a good rapport (and they look after you with drinks!) it's hard to say no.
    Cheers gents.

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    CHIPPYAL66 New Member

    For front doors I charge a full day. If they need letter plates, night cylinder, mortice etc it all adds up time and thats labour only. Although its a days work I still try snd avoid where possible especially if the customer has not had a good look at the door on purchasing. There's nothing like hanging a bowed front door to * you off.

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  10. dunc

    dunc New Member

    If its a new door in an old frame, there's always something else you have to do to pull off a neat job. And it will take time to sort it out. Plus it can't really take more than a day, no matter what is involved.

    So if the customer can expect to pay for the day charge for it, if it works out easy then you may have to settle for less.
  11. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    I was once asked to hang a front door that a client had bought that was 3" too short and 1 1/2" too narrow, it had stained glass in it that matched the porch and he wanted to varnish it.
  12. Mr Alias

    Mr Alias New Member

    "Does your door hang low, does it wo-bble to and fro
  13. CHIPPYAL66

    CHIPPYAL66 New Member

    I hung a beautiful oak door, must have cost a fortune, made a lovely job. Came back a few weeks later to make sure everything was ok and she had glossed it and it wasn't even a good. What a waste! Sacrilage
  14. Barn Raiser

    Barn Raiser New Member

    I used to work for a guy who would buy an internal door from wickes, sand off the stamped label on the bottom and tell the customer it was custom made.

    When I found out he was charging £700 a time for these I decided that I should rock the boat and mention it to a client.
    Didnt hang anymore doors for him.
  15. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Never less than £60 even for my mates. Brand new ring up £75 labour only, no discount for multiples either. As for £75 for a front door, that is way too low. Back door minimum £120 front door minimum £210.
  16. neth27

    neth27 New Member

    It must be good in the area you live. £75 to hang a internal door, 1 hours labour max.
  17. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    One hour max to hang a door! Sure I have done doors in much less than an hour before, but not every single one. Are you telling me that you cannot see a scenario that you cant hang a door with a penny gap sides and top and a pencil thickness for the carpet inside an hour. Hanging a door in a two hundred year old house, car fillering the hinge and latch positions to sort 200 years of bodging and then hanging a door to the above tolerances isnt really achievable in a hour, if however you are talking new build square linings with virtually no trimming at all then probably a monkey with a hinge and lock jig could do a couple in an hour
  18. neth27

    neth27 New Member

    i have never worked on new builds, always in occupied property. A lot of the work i done was in very old houses in villages around York. It does take a little longer in old houses but most houses it does not take a long time. You cant say you only work in 200 year old houses.
    Why use car filler? what happens if the frames are stained instead of painted?
    I have never used a lock or hinge jig just hammer and chisels etc.
  19. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    my point is that you state that it takes a maximum of one hour to hang a door, I was simply stating examples of why it might take more than one hour to hang a door, of course I wont use car filler on a clear finish lining. Its just my policy to work on a worst case scenario when it comes to pricing, if you price upon the basis of just getting three a day(if everything conspires against you) and you get fivee because everything goes like a dream then you've had a great day. Frankly I dont care how quick other people hang doors and I dont care if people think only getting three done in a day is a poor effort because I know all my customers are happy with whats done and what theyve paid and at the end of the day that is all thats important. Pricing and working like that has kept me busy constantly through all the tough times and leaves me with 8 weeks of work booked in, so I must be doing something right
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  20. neth27

    neth27 New Member

    Im sorry, but charging someone £225 a day to fit three internal doors is way to expensive. And you would charge £375 if you hung 5. You must have some very well off customers..
    Your lucky to get £30 a door around here as they always know someone who will hang a door for £20.

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