Door hanging - whats a fair price?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by baggs1981, Sep 14, 2020.

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    I need to get the below work done in southend-on-sea, anyone advise what a fair price should be?

    Labour only, fit 10 of flush ply fd30 internal doors (not frames). All with intumescent + smoke strips, fire rated self closing hinges with intumescent pads, fire rated handle + latch.

    6 of the above doors to have fire rated keylocks with thumb turn on inside.

    So far i've had per door qoutes that, going on avg 4 doors fitted a day.. comes out at £600 per day or more which to me seems crazy, and thats cash price. But interested to hear what others think (or indeed any suggestions of carpenter in the area).
  2. Jord86

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    If all the quotes are similar then the average of them is the fair price. If they do do four a day, that's extremely good going providing it's to existing frames not new. Assuming it's one bloke on his own and I assume they'll be using hinge, lock and souber jigs and all manner of power tools to speed themselves up, those tools cost money. Location does matter. Forget the whole "X amount of doors done in a day" that's nonsense as they get done what they get done, there are no assurances.
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    £600 is rip off price for 4 doors in one day!

    My mate had 5 doors fitted 2 weeks ago and it cost him £350, labour charge and that was all accomplished in one day.

    He owns several student houses and the doors were heavy fire doors too. The guy had a 'mate' working with him too. This was in Bristol.
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    You can do it on a per day rate, where you take the risk, or on a per door rate, where the fitter takes the risk. Bearing in mind the usual risk:reward ratio, the latter is likely to cost more for you if everything goes smoothly to plan for the fitter, but if **** happens, it'll be on his time that he's addressing that ****.
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