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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Paul Otter, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. crazyworld

    crazyworld New Member

    i read the above posts and thought what kind of people are you to exploit is getting a sad place to work
  2. sospan

    sospan Screwfix Select

    Don't you have a bridge to sit under ?
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  3. Paul Otter

    Paul Otter Active Member

    I originally came up with this idea as I have a mate who has just left the Police and before that he was in the Army, he has a pension but at 50 he can still work for 10 years or more and to be honest he needs to, he has a family to fund.

    I noticed through mybuilder and Ratedpeople that in my area there were lots of people looking to have doors hung (Someone telephoned me yesterday with 187 to hang) and I realised that I could train people just to hang doors, I posted the idea on here and the majority of replies have been informed and helpful.

    I resent your comments and can only assume that you have little or no idea how a business works in this country.

    I spent over 7 years at collage learning carpentry and building, 4 years of that as an apprentice with a starting wage of £25.00 a week ( labourers were on around £80.00 a week), did I feel exploited, of course not, I was lucky to have a job.

    My mate is currently unemployed and looking at minimum wage jobs and I may be in the position to offer him free training and once he gets up to speed £160.00 a day as and when he wants it or £80.00 for half a day to fit in with his child care (in the past he has paid £35.00 a day for pre and post school child care).

    So I train him for free, advertise for work, price the jobs, manage him, issue invoices, chase the money, pay his CIS tax, insure him and offer him the wealth of my 44 years experience.

    He will get no sick pay but nor do the rest of us self employed people! In fact I have lost a weeks money this week due to a foot injury, am I winging, no its a risk of working for yourself.

    I used to say that at some time everyone should be self employed and they would then realise how cushy a steady job was with pension, sick pay etc but clearly from your uneducated wishy washy comment you have no idea of micro economics.

    I am trying to help someone feed his family, please elaborate on how I am exploiting him?
  4. dwlondon

    dwlondon Active Member

    As a helpful to fellow chippies thing, your heart is in the right place. At that level it would work fine.

    But you would need to be ready for the business side, should you be offered a contract for a hundreds of doors. That is an altogether different level of involvement.
  5. Paul Otter

    Paul Otter Active Member

    Yep totally agree, I passed on the 187 doors job to a builder I know, I think that we have all seen someone get too big too quick - take on loads of blokes, lease a few vans and then have no work 6 months later.

    I think the point is though that with the skills shortage and impending Brexit chippies should have loads of well paid work, my idea is to train up blokes who are practical just to hang doors, yes they may go it alone after a while but that's life, didn't we all at some time?

    It may be the case that blokes could be trained just to lay blocks and no face work, you see it with sparks being qualified with no apprenticeship just for domestic stuff or specialising.

    My main gripe is being accused of exploiting people by someone who does not know me and does not understand or try to understand what I am trying to do - yes I will make money from it but that's what makes the World go around, this is very, very basic supply and demand and I personally think demand will outstrip labour supply 5 fold in the nest 5 - 10 years.

    For a number of reasons we have not got enough apprentices coming through (Builders are looked "down upon", 50% post Blair go to university, too much x-factor etc.etc) so why not look at employing older men as and when they want to work, it keeps you fit, there is a bit of male bonding, the money is good and they wont spend their time txting their mates.
  6. dwlondon

    dwlondon Active Member

    Righto. You might be eligible for a grant.
  7. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    That was a banned ex member coming back for a rant after too much pop.
  8. Paul Otter

    Paul Otter Active Member

    Cheers, I thought it may have been as he was talking carp on other posts as well

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