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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by JossT, Dec 20, 2019.

  1. JossT

    JossT New Member


    As usual with some other threads, apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

    I've just came home and my wife has been having issues with the front door euro barrel lock. It wasn't locking as normal, just spinning. So en route home I bought a new barrel lock assuming this would be the issue, however it appears it isn't and now I am confused.

    With the new barrel lock in place, with the door open, I can lock + engage the multilock points on the door fine and it is "locked", but can't remove the key. I can adjust it to get the key out, but when I then lift the handle all the way up again, it disengages the lock and I can open it again? I ain't an expert on locks whatsoever so I would always have been easily stumped but not sure how with a brand new barrel lock, I can't disengage the key.

    My wife has a habit of forcefully checking to see if the doors locked, I wonder if this has caused any issues?


  2. xednim

    xednim Active Member

    some pictures will be helpful in here
  3. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Sounds like it's a lock problem. Side by side dose it match the old one
  4. blarblarblarblar

    blarblarblarblar Active Member

    If you can’t remove the key, it’s not fully locked. Is the key 100% vertical when you are trying to remove it.
  5. JossT

    JossT New Member

    Thanks all so far. Still no success, I'll post photos in a minute. It just seems like the barrel keeps spinning and not engaging.

    The key when I have it In the locked position appears to be 180 degrees out

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  6. Rulland

    Rulland Screwfix Select

    Has the door dropped?, if the multi point locking can't fully engage then you won't be able to get the key out as it won't be in the locked position-just seems to point to that if it locks ok out of the frame so to speak.
    You could try easing the door up whilst locking it, this may be enough to allow the locks to fully engage.
  7. xednim

    xednim Active Member

    he said "With the new barrel lock in place, with the door open, I can lock + engage the multilock points on the door fine and it is "locked", but can't remove the key." if I do understand doesn't work on the open door what eliminates drop on the hinges
    I will say lock itself- nothing to do with the barrel
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  8. JossT

    JossT New Member

    Hi Rulland.

    Thanks for the reply. I've looked at the door and it's not dropped at all. I just tried lifting it around but no joy there

    Whilst I can lock it and it engages fine, I don't understand why when I lift the handle up, that the lock disengages?

    It seems like I'm missing something
  9. Rulland

    Rulland Screwfix Select

    My bad, I missed the bit about still not being to remove the key, it sounds like the the little lever on the barrel is not quite locating correctly, possibly, this would prevent key withdrawal.
  10. xednim

    xednim Active Member

    you need to open the lock, possibly other lever has over passed its original location, easy to do but possibly to late for this kind of work today
  11. JossT

    JossT New Member

    I've got a video here which shows that one of the engaging multipoint locks is a bit loose and wobbly, not sure if this might be enough. Trying my best to upload this.

    Thanks guys.
  12. blarblarblarblar

    blarblarblarblar Active Member

    No. He thinks he can FULLY engage the locking mechanism, but it’s not fully located, which is why the key won’t come out.

    I’m gonna bet the Euro cylinders are fine, and the heavy handed good lady has caused some internal damage.
  13. JossT

    JossT New Member

  14. JossT

    JossT New Member

    The video is with the old euro cylinder in place.
  15. xednim

    xednim Active Member

  16. JossT

    JossT New Member

    Looks like its a locksmith job! Bugger!

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