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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by RDL, May 20, 2020.

  1. RDL

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    Hi All,

    first post here, so apologies if this is in the wrong place!

    We moved into a new house last year - early 1980's, suspended chipboard floors throughout. Every internal doorway, upstairs and down, has an ugly strip of dark stained wood along the bottom; these are full width of the doorway and approx. 5" wide.

    First question: what are they called? I suspect either door- 'sill' or 'threshold', but have been unable to find any images online that are an exact match.

    Second question: we are soon going to put down engineered wood flooring in a couple of the rooms and want to remove the sills/thresholds/thingimy-bobs. If anyone has encountered these before, what am I likely to find beneath? will there be a gap between the chipboard flooring either side or will the chip' meet and the sill/threshold simply be fixed on top?

    I appreciate that I probably won't know for certain till I lift one and have a look, but if anybody has experience of these and can point me the right direction, that would be great.
  2. G Roo

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    First: threshold
    Second: very likely.. try sliding wallpaper scraper underneath one... n see if it comes out other side... If they're screwed and plugged .. you should be able to see any plugs if you look close enough, then just drive a screw straight into the plug to extract it to get to the screw underneath... a picture would have helped..
  3. RDL

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    Hi G Roo,

    Thanks for your reply. You were right - managed to cut out a section of one threshold yesterday and found a gap around 1.5" between the chipboard flooring. Will need to fill this before the engineered floor goes down.

    Interestingly, the threshold isn't fixed from above. Looking under the sides of the door frame there seem to be four nails running up\down between threshold and door jambs; Can only imagine the four sections of timber doorframe (head-jamb, side jambs, threshold) were nailed together and fitted as one when the house was built.

    I do have a few pics but couldn't figure out how to post here ...if anyone knows, do let me know!
  4. G Roo

    G Roo Member

    You're correct - pre-made doors in frames installed installed during construction by the sound of it.. easy tell tale way to find out if you measure your doors they'll all be the same width and height
  5. RDL

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    I'm learning so much here, this is great! :)

    Should be able to get at the nails with my multitool. Presumably the door jambs are screwed \ nailed to the walls, so undercutting and removing the thresholds won't cause any problems.
  6. G Roo

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    Depends how high the fixings are in the jambs. Your thresholds were keeping the jambs out of twist and maintaining the spacing down at the floor level. Take that bracing away and the bottom of the jambs may start to move. You might be able to locate the fixings using a magnet... the one on the end of your Led torch? Normally they're about 30mm in from each edge of the jambs. I would put fixings 100mm up from the floor to prevent this. Best of luck
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  7. RDL

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    Ah, that's great advice - I hadn't even considered that removing the thresholds might allow the jambs to move. Will definitely check and fix the jambs if required. Thanks G Roo.

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