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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Owdotzz, May 24, 2021.

  1. Owdotzz

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    I am completely renovating a 1950s property and doing a lot myself to save on costs.
    I need some help with what I should be doing regarding plastering.

    The old plaster had failed in a lot of places and had lots of hollow spots so iv had it all off in the living room and two bedrooms so far, all the other rooms are still on currently.

    Iv ordered a lot of plasterboard and adhesive ready to dot and dab but after doing some research I can see it’s a problem with noise transfer especially on party wall etc. This wasn’t explained to me when speaking to our builder (maybe it’s not well known?). Research showing it acts like a ‘guitar’ and acts as an amplifier for sounds.

    I want the house to be well insulated for both heat and sound! I currently live in a new build and hate that I can hear next doors tv!

    please could anyone advise on what some potential solutions would be?

    I’m not a professional but maybe batten and insulation board before plaster boarding? Even if it’s only on the party and external wall?
    or should I just swap my plasterboard with soundproof board?

    Thanks for any advise
  2. Wayners

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    Using sound board won't make any difference if dot and dab. Just use foam with standard boards on party walls as sound won't travel though that so well vs board adhesive. Sound travels through solids.
    Carry on with the rest with board adhesive on internal walls if you want.
    You would need resilient bars and insulation on the party walls and it's lots of work and money and will be around 150mm think.
    Just tinkering or using sound block board dose nothing much to stop sound. It's all or nothing to stop sound.

    Foam or adhesive all the way around boards to stop the air flow behind helps keep heat in
  3. Owdotzz

    Owdotzz New Member


    Thanks for the reply!
    Would using 25mm battens around the wall and 25mm rock wool slabs in between be a good solution and then soundboard on top?

    I understand it may not be the best solution but just trying to think of a solution THats cost effective and won’t be as bad as dot and dab.

    also whats best for the walls that are the external ones of the house? Should these be battened and boarded with insulation or will this create damp/vapour with insulation (rock wool) up against an external cavity wall?

  4. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Like I said with sound blocking it's all or nothing. I've done this myself at work when I used acoustic insulation around soil pipe in a dining room, then boxed in with sound blocking plasterboard and it did nothing to reduce the water noise that could be noticed.
    You need to get someone that knows about this building work to come look and advise giving you a spec sheet.

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