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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by DannyDoLittle, Sep 13, 2017.

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    as the title really guys.. have a lot of D&D to get done, what's the best ratio of mix for boarding the walls??

    Some walls are pretty flat and could be plastered straight onto, however there's a full rewire needed so doing the D&D will give me the added depth to hide the cables & back boxes.

  2. Wayners

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    Dot and dab use the proper adhesive. It's white and called board adhesive. B&Q sell it. Is that what you wanted to do know?
  3. Wayners

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    Or buy a wall chaser. About £60..if you have block walls. Save all that d and d
  4. Jord86

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    Water in bucket first, few inches, then add bonding compound bit by bit until you get a fairly thick consistency kind of like a tough angel delight I.e. if you move the whisk through the mix the shape it forms stays like that. Buy a bucket trowel, hawk and a gauging trowel, and load a dollop onto the wetted hawk with bucket trowel, then with your gauging trowel scoop off a blob and using the side of the trowel hit the wall with a firm blow, leaving the dab on the wall. If you make your mix wetter the boards will tap onto the wall easier, however if you make the mix stiffer, it's easier to load more onto the wall to adjust the board for plumb.

    Find the furthest protruding part of each wall be it the door lining, lintel, out of plumb brickwork, pipework etc and that's your starting point for each wall. Keep the first board tight as possible at the highest point means you work your other boards to line through with that one, and hopefully end up with a plumb, square, flat wall.

    It's quicker to do than for me to explain. Have a go, it's quite easy when you get into it.
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    Legend.. cheers pal

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