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  1. Areid

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    I am in the process of planning a double garage- the architect has drawn up some plans and specified a box section lintel over the garage door (span of 5m).

    After some thought I have decided I would like the lintel to be infilled with bricks as per the attached photograph- hence box section lintel will no longer be suitable.

    I am going to discuss this with the architect later this week but just wondering what type of lintel will be used in this situation?
    Can an rsj be used and infilled with bricks or ?

    The main walls are of single skin blocks laid on there flats and the lintel will be supporting a hipped roof as per attached photograph.

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  2. Isitreally

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    A speced RSJ with a plate welded on to carry brick detail.

    The Architect might suggest it being speced by a Structural Engineer.
  3. Richard_

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    You'll need an RHS box section for that sort of span with a torsion load of the bricks hanging off the side.

    Also if that is a sliding door then deflection will be critical to avoid the door top rail jamming. The manufacturer will be able to tell you the deflection tolerances.

    Finally with 100 bricks and a 215 wide wall you only have 100 left for the lintel beam.

    Hence RHS will have the required stiffness. Probably 200x100.

    It'll need to be galvanised so the exposed soffit doesn't rust.

    The bricks will be supported on a plate welded to the underside. You'll also need to use some brick ties fixed to the RHS so the bricks don't topple over. Be careful with stainless steel ties so they don't react with the galvanised steel, use a proper proprietary isolated fixing with a neoprene patch.

    Plus a timber wall plate on top to support the roof.

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  4. stuart44

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    You can also get lintels faced with brick slips.
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  5. Richard_

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    I was thinking that door needed a bit more support. The architect could draw a section and discuss it with someone like Ancon.

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