Double light switch - I'm going to kill someone

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    I just can't get this concept or find any help on the issue at all. :mad:

    I have a double light switch that I want to operate two lights.

    O O
    L1 L2

    O O
    L1 L2

    Light 1 - Live to com, neutral to L1

    Light 2 - Live to com, neutral to L1

    Power source

    I do not understand how I wire the power source.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Cheburashka

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    Just wire up like 2 standard single lights, Or you could use a length of 3 core and cpc to the switch and then split the switched lives somewhere like in a Wago box or a junction box.
  3. seneca

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    If you put power to com and neutral to L1 or L2 you'll get a big bang when you switch on!

    Put the power to both commons and take the live from L1 or L2 to the lamp. Neutral goes to the other side of the lamps.
  4. stateit

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    Assuming 3 cables at switch: Power Source (ie Feed) ,1st Light fitting cable & 2nd light fitting cable.

    Power Source Live to Com on 1st switch. Loop from 1st Switch Com to 2nd Switch Com with a short piece of brown cable.
    1st Light fitting Live to 1st L1. 2nd light fitting Live to 2nd L1

    Ignore both L2s

    Power source Neutral and light fitting Neutrals are commoned together in a separate connector block. So the 3 neutrals are together.

    Earths all commoned together in separate connector block (if plastic back box) OR to connector in back of metal box (if metal back box) AND if a metal switch - earth the front plate of the switch to the other commoned earths.

    Switch on, stand back and admire.
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    You beautiful, yellow-eyed thing you!

    Great explanation, thanks for taking the time. :)
  6. Mr. Handyandy

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    Then come back on here and tell us how much blew up!

    No-one even asked if you had neutrals at the switch(or are they switch wires).

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
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    Nah the OP is now in hospital with second degree burns to his fingers and arms after connecting everything up and turning on. He's also got concussion after hitting the door under the stairs at a rate of knots His house burnt to the ground. But luckily his cat escaped (only to be run over by the ambulance, taking him to hospital) :p:p:p:p:p:p:p
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    Thought so!
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    Only got round to this this weekend.

    I can confirm that I am not dead. I repeat; NOT dead. :)
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    I have now the suggested circuit running fine, but it doesn't quite do what I want.

    In order for the inside light to work, you have to have the outside light on.

    How do I have the switches operate independently? Is it even possible?
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  13. unphased

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    You have not wired the switches correctly that's all. Link COM as described before so that power in to the switch is common to both. The switched live then connects to either one of the terminals below COM for each light. If the switch is "upside down" when you switch on swap the switched live on to the other connector. That's all you need to do. The symptoms you describe are because you are switching the live feed so that's the one that should be connected to COM.
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    ***. :rolleyes:

    So I was just breaking and un-breaking the live feed with one switch?

    Works perfectly now. I take it you've seen that a few times before (please say yes)?

    Many thanks. :)
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