Double tiled wall now shower value won't fit.

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Douglas Ingram, Nov 20, 2021.


Double tiled wall now shower value won't fit.

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  1. Douglas Ingram

    Douglas Ingram New Member

    I have had to retile my shower wall and now with the double tiled wall, the mixer shower value won't now fit back on.

    I'm changing the mixer shower for the same one but the wall plates are thick so, there are no thread for the shower to screw on to. I think a flat wall plate would solve this but I can't locate them anywhere.
    So, I'm guessing there must be some kind of value extension I can get.

    The value in the pic that I have screwed to the wall plate, is from the new mixer and what is connected to the wall.

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  2. dcox

    dcox Screwfix Select

    If you've only tiled as far as your first pic shows, I'd take a couple back off and open up the wall to modify the pipework to provide two over-length pipe stubs that can be cut down later.Use a Marflow Showerpl8 to hold them at the correct spacing.
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  3. Douglas Ingram

    Douglas Ingram New Member

    No, the wall is now fully tiled and the pipes are well cemented in and the old larger tiles over them. I sure there has to be a connector it can get to extend these values out or a flat wall plate.
  4. I-Man

    I-Man Screwfix Select

  5. Truckcab79

    Truckcab79 Screwfix Select

    Google ‘shower mixer extension’ and take your pick.
  6. Douglas Ingram

    Douglas Ingram New Member


    I don't understand why this site is so complicated to use and why I can't edit my post nor change my name!

    Anyway, I think I may have found a solution as I have found flatter wall plates that will allow me to have the treads to screw back on to. However. I'm leaving this post open to see more replies. Thanks

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  7. I-Man

    I-Man Screwfix Select

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