Double Trap Siphonic / Syphonic Toilet Trouble

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by sticky velcro, Feb 28, 2010.

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    I've rented a 1920s house with an old close coupled double trap syphonic / siphonic toilet (Armitage Shanks).

    The problem is that whenever it is flushed, the level rises in the pan to the brim... to almost overflowing (...a really disconcerting habit for the unaware.). then just in time it the flushes away fully followed by a clean refill to an above average water level (- a level that is simply too high for even the average endowed male on a sit-down job! Wet dangly bits - not nice).

    The drains were initially suspected but have been checked and declared clear.

    It looks like its been doing it for years judging by the calcium ring at the above average water level.

    Anyone seen this behaviour before? Is this a feature or common fault with such toilets? Any solutions (other than changing the toilet assy)?
  2. pmh2

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    Any solutions (other than changing the toilet assy)?
  3. pmh2

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    Any solutions (other than changing the toilet assy)? ?

    I suggest a visit to the local vet - he is probably more practised than your GP.
  4. G Brown

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    Thats what they do! Perfectly normal!
  5. your problem is air suction device (we used to call it the bomb) small plastic tubular device that fits between pan and cistern. when you flush it causes a vacuum in the u bend to excavate the contents of the pan. if this is split or washer knackered no syphonic action and pan will overfill. easy to do (apart from removing cistern from pan, Rusty wing nuts the prob.) used to do loads in 60,s early 70's Hope this helps
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    Yup. Lunns will do you a new bomb. And charge you one!
  7. Captain Leaky

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    They all rise and suck back , even when working properly, google " airex bomb" or "airex valve"

    Better still fit a new loo.
  8. plumber carl

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    go with what 40 years says,, if it rise near the top the rubber bung is perished if its that old,,, the aspirator will be made of copper so you will only need the rubber bung, or you can buy them at tool station,,, they can be fiddly to do but if you get it right it will work well
  9. Captain Leaky

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