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    4 needed for bath refurb.
    Which make is getting good feedback at moment.
    Are the super slim ones ok as I have never used them.
  2. MGW

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    Down lights covers a large range, I have a 12" down light over one bed, a D2 fluorescent, there are also 5" think GX53 and 2" or 16 x 1/8 of inch with a multifaceted reflector called MR16.

    The latter need either many of them, a high ceiling, or aimed at reflective wall.

    The LED replacement not technically MR16 as no reflector, but still use GU10 or G5.3 connections. The GU10 often retained by base normally low voltage (230 volt) the G5.3 normally held in with spring clip and extra low voltage (12 volt) and need a transformer, the latter now only used where low voltage not permitted.

    I had G5.3 as pods, so could aim at white wall, but really a simple 10" ceiling lamp would have been better. But not had many LED lamps fail, one G9 and one 5 foot tube, so really down to what they look like.

    If reason for non failing is the SPU on supply I don't know, but you can look at lumen per watt, GU10 vary from 60 to 100 lumen per watt but as to if worth the extra to get 100 lumen per watt not sure, only seen smart bulbs with 100 lumen per watt.
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    I’ve being using collingwood h2 lite for a few years now and installed thousands. Only had about 5 bad ones.
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    Collingwood H2 Pro 550 CS are very popular for bathrooms. Commercial grade with 5 year warranty. Colour switchable between warm white, cool white, day light at the flick of the switch. For bathrooms, everyone likes a different colour, so as you're usually in there alone, having the option to switch colour quickly by flicking the lights off and on quickly is great. I fit loads of these.

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