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    I live in a typical 1950's 3 bed mid terrace with the main soil pipe running down the back wall of the building and disappearing under the house. I currently have a macerator toilet fitted downstairs at the front of the house but unfortunately its not ideal- blockages etc... so was just enquiring into the feasibility of connecting the downstairs loo to the main sewers.

    How difficult is it to trace the soil pipe to the front of the house? Would a plan of the pipe runs exist anywhere or is it a case of digging up the front garden until you find it?

    Providing the soil pipe is accessible, what kind of figure am I looking at just to install the soil pipe in the building and connect to the sewer?

  2. Do you have any inspection chambers or manholes on your property/within your boundary that you can lift up and inspect?

    The water authority would only have details of your foul water sewer if it’s a public/shared system. It’ll be cheaper and quicker for you to try and identify the system and flows yourself.
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    no man holes in my front garden. The property next door (end terrace)has two manholes/inspection chambers in the front garden in a line leading out to the road. Would be relatively simple job if I lived next door.
  4. There would normally be an access point on a change of direction. How friendly are you with your neighbours? If so, could you ask they lift up the covers while you turn on some taps, flush some toilets to help ascertain the direction of flow?
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    Cheers for your help. I shall undertake some investigative work and try ascertain where the waste is flowing.

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