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    I’ve recently purchased Mapei Ultraplan self levelling compound to level an extension concrete floor before I install click vinyl flooring.

    I have found the floor is holding some dampness and wish to cover with a liquid DPM before levelling.

    I’m new to this game and am trying to find out a recommended, not too expensive liquid dpm to use and also can I simply apply the levelling compound directly over the dpm or do I need to use some sort of primer before the compound?

    Any advice would be gratefully received!!!
  2. KIAB

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    Look at Cemtone Aquaprufe dpm & waterproofer, will needs two coats. apply first coat allow to dry,I use to with second coat add some sharp sand to give area a key while it's still wet,drop Cemtone technical an email & see what they say.


    Can't find data sheet link on it's own, but it's in this link below.

  3. DIYDave.

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    I recently did same job on my porch, over quarry tiles, possible damp in one corner

    Used 2 coats Everbuild Blackjack (from TS), then a paint over with SBR Slurry, then Mapei self leveller

    Consulted technical department at Everbuild for advice and that’s what they gave me, re the coat of SBR to aid adhesion between DPM and self leveller
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    SBR slurry will work well.

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