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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Wendy Elizabeth Cranstoun, May 27, 2021.

  1. Outside soil pipe is too high to add a new gully, does anybody know if there are any other options. Soil pipe can't be lowered any further.
    Many thanks
  2. kiaora

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    Have to guess a few things, is the gully for rain water ?

    If so, you may be able to install a soak away,

    if not a picture may help you get good advice

    good luck
  3. Hi there, we found water coming up through the floor in the bathroom, as the level was below the drain level. Sewage water has been leaking back through a cracked pipe. we have dug up the pipes outside and the drop need to be greater but can't make it more than it is as the sewage drain will go no lower.
  4. the ground is heavy clay which doesnt work well for a soak away from what we read. if we are wrong please feel free to tell us. many thanks
  5. dray

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    what about downstream in the pipework outside, does the fall increase enough allowing you to get into it there. Might be new manhole etc but seems a pretty bad sewage problem you have to solve.
  6. Thank you for coming back to me. The issue is that the house seems to have been built on top of another at some time in history. There is a lot of concrete in and around the pipes which we are removing at the moment, but there does not appear to be any more of a fall. The pipes leave drain in the property, then out of the property boundary and disappear. We think that the leaking water, rain water etc has been lying on the concrete and easiest route is back through the house brick wall. The plan was to put in a French drain with a new drain running into the main drain, but as i say there is no further fall available. At a loss!!
  7. dray

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    I am sure if you put some pics up of what you have (not too close) you will get some ideas. Might be worth the time and save you a lot of time and money if there is a quick fix
  8. Hope these help. Thanks again

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  9. kiaora

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    From the bend at the base of the soil vent pipe, is a white pipe ?
    It looks like it’s entering the drain on the side ?

    it also look like it’s going down hill out the drain ? Or am I mistaken ?

    that would be a big problem?

  10. Slightly confused by what you ask.

    The pipe is entering the drain on the side - yes
    All going down hill but only slightly.

  11. kiaora

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    The pipe that’s connected to the side of the drain, may be a problem, if the drain backs up, the pipe will fill with water, and the contents of the toilet .
    It may be an idea to investigate the integrity of the pipe, do you know where it goes ?
    From the drain, is the white pipe rising continuously to the source?

  12. the pipe at the angle to the drain is for a second bathroom which is in another part of the house - which we believe was added some time ago. We can change this. thanks for that. the white pipe goes straight up and is uncapped, the side ways white pipe is the toilet outlet from the main bathroom we are having the issue with. Does that help?
  13. CGN

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    Is it a suspended timber floor?
  14. dray

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    Wendy , the pics are helpful but still not quite clear what's what.

    Looking at pic 2 I can see two smaller white pipes on the right hand side going down and joining and going into the bend at the bottom of the vertical soil pipe. On the left hand side there looks like another small white pipe just below that same bend and then the 100mm large pipe above it and on the left which I assume is from the bathroom that you are having trouble with. Is that correct and if not perhaps number them clockwise and say where they are going to, and which one you think is causing the problem.
    None of those small white pipes look right to me and as Peter has said above you could have back filling.

    Do you think if the gully collecting rainwater was not connected, then the sewage from the various bathrooms would drain without problem ( assuming the cracked pipe was repaired)? If that is the case then then I would look to solving that rainwater problem rather than the sewage. Hope that makes sense and I'm sure there is a solution
  15. Good Morning, Thank you so much for all you help, it has helped a great deal. We will remove the small white pipes as we need to change the elbow with the other small pipes (obsolete) cracked. We will disconnect the rainwater gully and re-route it down the pipe with a Y junction. Do you have any suggestions how to solve the rainwater problem? many thanks
  16. Good morning, that you for asking. there is no floor. it was a concrete floor on top of earth. the concrete was cracked and broken and uneven. we removed it down to the soil with a view to putting in a new suspended timber floor. it rained, it puddled! the house was built in 1880 and we suspect that the bathroom was an addition or originally an animal shelter converted to a bathroom, no DPC
  17. dray

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    Sounds as if you have got the sewage problem sorted. Regarding the rainwater drain, what you suggest seems sensible to me. let us know if it works once you have renewed /reconnected everything .
  18. thanks again for the support -- really helped. we will let you know how it goes. have a lovely weekend.
  19. Nev Hope

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    Is it just me, or is there something very wrong about that back inlet gully how does solid waste get pass it ?
  20. Morning all, we dug up all pipes to the main sewer outlet as far as we could go. We removed all broken pipes. We found the the central heating pipe was also draining into the ground. We have re-routed, installed a French drain around the walls, backfilled with gravel, sand and soil. We will then have a graduated patio drain rain water away. So far the bathroom has dried out as has the ground around the property (which previously was swimming). Thanks for all help and advice
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