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    I've got an issue with drains and my kitchen. The kitchen is in the bottom of a double storey extension with a bathroom above it. I've attached a floorplan of the downstairs section. The red dots show the two drain locations.

    The left one is outside and is taking rain water from the guttering but the previous owners have also ran the waste from the kitchen sink and gas boiler (which is next to the sink) into it. The red dot on the right, next to the down stairs toilet is the soil stack that has a connection to the bathroom waste on the floor above, the stack runs through the ceiling of the utility room (utility room is single storey) and into a separate drain.

    The kitchen has been completely stripped out and I'm about to refit it but I'm concerned about the sink and boiler waste running to the wrong drain, especially as I intend to add a dishwasher next to the sink which will have food waste in it as well as waste water.

    The problem I have is that I don't see any easy way of tapping into the soil stack as the waste from the sink and boiler (and dishwasher in future) would have to cross that doorway at low level. The floors are concrete but even if they weren't, I don't think it'd be an easy task to join into that soil stack and not much of a slope on the pipe.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  2. xednim

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    where is located your manhole? I think you might open the manhole and check if both- rain gully and waste pipe doesn't meet there :) if so your problem is sorted
  3. cha1n

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    Hey, thanks for the reply. I've not been able to locate a manhole, the whole 'garden' has been concreted over and perhaps they went over it?! I called my local waste water company and they said that the foul and surface water are two separate pipes that run from the back to the front under the house.
  4. xednim

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    unlikely that builder will pour concrete over the manhole without creating access to it, have you checked your floors? might be hidden under floor covers,
    also- ask your neighbors you might have similar layout to compare/trace
  5. gas monkey

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    give the council a ring they will tell you if its combined soi/waste and serface water which it looks like it is if ok any one
  6. KIAB

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    Don't you believe it,maybe not builder, but seen home owner cover manhole with concrete.
  7. ecoplumbing

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    Looking at the pics I'm guessing it's an early 1900s terrace? From my experience most terraces that age are on combined systemed which means rain water/ foul water is ok to mix. As you've no manhole, there's no way of checking to be 100% sure. Water board would tell you what main sewers run down the back street, if there's only one combined sewer then I'm guessing you'll be fine
  8. cha1n

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    Thanks for the replies. The water board have not been able to help unfortunately. They are adamant that it's not a shared system but can provide no drawings to prove this! There's no rear access to the property, so the drains run from the back, under the house to the road out front. There are no manholes that I can see in the road outfront, there may be something at the junction onto the road. I don't understand how finding a manhole in the garden will help as it will be upstream of where anything in the house connects to it?

    It is a terrace built 1890, the toilet location downstairs is original and the upstairs bathroom used to be a bedroom back in the day.
  9. candoabitofmoststuff

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    That's a big assumption!
    They shouldn't I agree... but "Unlikely" not sure that's a valid word in this instance, unfortunately!

  10. xednim

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    well in 15 years over London properties have seen lots of builders negligence's but never come across burring manhole in the concrete (few times under floor covers but never in the concrete)
  11. ecoplumbing

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    I'd be 99.9% certain that you've got a combined system. If the water board are no help then the only way to find out would be to get a cctv survey on your drains, they'd be able to map and prove what drains connect into it. Probably looking between £100-£160 for someone to do that
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  12. xednim

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    why to spend the money? you bought the house like that, if you are lucky with plans of kitchen localization etc., you just refurbish and doing like for like- if someone will have any problems with it is not your fault
    I know that recently some building regs. has changed regarding selling a property and you have to mention all changes that has been done in past 4 years if I am right? so all dividing, changes to the waste system etc. and provide permission for doing it, if you are beyond this time you are safe :)
  13. cha1n

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Just an update, the water board admitted that although they have no information on record, that it was common for these pre-1930 properties to share services, even though they class it as a foul pipe. This is great news and will saved me a lot of work!

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