Draining completely isolated hot water cylinder

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  1. PhilRogers

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    It's a copper cylinder. It has the cold inlet near the bottom, a hot outlet right at the top of the dome, an immersion heater, and the drain valve.
    I'll try and get a picture if it really helps.
    Both inlet and outlet pipes are iron.
  2. terrymac

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    I think its highly unlikely that the cylinder you describe would have been connected directly to the cold mains. Follow the pipe from the top of the cylinder ,does it branch off VERTICALLY ,anywhere ,going up to the loft tank ?
  3. PhilRogers

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    Yes, it was connected to the cold mains. I have now disconnected that supply and there is no longer any pressure to the cylinder.
    This has enabled me to remove the immersion heater (not an easy job as it was all corroded and scaled up).
    A small amount of water came out, which would have been what was left in the vertical pipes above the cylinder.
    I have now successfully siphoned out the water from the cylinder. Once I have cut the old iron pipes, I can remove the cylinder and get it to a scrap yard.

    Job done.

    Thanks for all the suggestions and help, everyone.
    Case closed.
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